The Tuba Flower.

Tuba Flowers are a kind of flower, which could turn Mario into Tuba Mario. It gives Mario the power to make a hard sound.

Game appearances

Tuba Star Journey

It's actual first appearance is in Super Mario Star Journey. It is found first in Timpani Tulip Tracks, a grassland course based on music. It is needed to break normally unbreakable blocks. It is also needed to defeat the Mad Pianos and Madder Piano. It also appears in Super Mario Galaxy 4.

Super Mario CB

The new-undetailed 9009 Entertainment game will have the Tuba Flower as a regular Item, Mario will look different however.


  • It's appearance is either based on a sousaphone or a random type of brass instrument.
  • Some flowers look like brass instruments as well. The Tuba Flower seems to be on of those flowers.

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