Ttam, the Demon
Full Name Ttam
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Male
Species Demon
Location Unknown
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Dark Energy
Ability/ies Poisoning
Vulnerable To Light
Height 1m
First Appearance Mining Quest (2016)
Latest Appearance Mining Quest (2016)
You know, challenging me will give you nothing.. nothing but PAIN!

Ttam is the main villain of Mining QuestHe appears as a grey version of Miner Man with one eye lost.


When Ttam was young he used to mine alot so he could find treasure. One day he found a powerful crystal that allowed him to communicate with the void. With this crystal, he was able to absorb dark energy. Another day, the sky had a hole in it... Connecting to other universes. Ttam used the void powers to get out of the Underverse and go to another universe. He thought there would be more treasures in the other universe, so he went there.

Trophy Information

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Ttam Trophy

Mining Quest (2016)

An evil spirit who took the form of Miner Man, except darker, and with one eye. He plans to take all the treasure out of everywhere.