Summary An optional boss in Okami 3 (name subject to change). A princess afflicted by the Nue's ailment. She loves Jiraiya. Like Jiraiya, she too mastered transformation magic. Except instead of a frog, she turns into a snail. As part of the Orochimaru sidequest, Kuni needs to show her he's strong enough to battle the former student of Jiraiya.


-techniques necessary: power slash, cherry bomb, thunder, galestorm, waterspout

The battle takes place on a beach. Kuni needs to talk to Tsunade and select yes to initiate battle.

Attacks phase 1

sweep kick: sweeps foot in front of her. Deals half a unit of damage.

kick combo: while traveling towards Kuni, thrusts a foot forward three times in succession. Deals a third unit of damage each strike. Usually chains into rolling fist or fist chop.

rolling fist: rears back a fist and pivots up to Kuni before sharply thrusting a fist forward. Deals a unit of damage.

fist chop: brings fist up before swinging it downwards. Deals half a unit of damage.


She's quick. She also tends to block incoming attacks. All you have to do is avoid an attack and capitalize on the opening. At half health, she does a few hand motions, a cloud of smoke forming around her, dissipating to reveal a titanic snail.

Attacks phase 2

head slam: rears head up and slams it downward, aiming at Kuni. Deals three units of damage.

head thrust: retracts head into shell, then punches it forward at high speed. Deals a unit of damage.

tail slam: usually does this if Kuni's directly behind her. Lifts tail and slams it three times, each slam aimed for Kuni. One strike leads to a unit of damage.

tail sweep: usually done if Kuni is around tail. Sweeps tail left to right, then right to left. Each sweep deals half a unit of damage.

crawl: if Kuni makes contact with her front while she crawls, he'll take half a unit of damage.

poison stone: spits up a stone covered in poison. Impact deals a unit of damage, leads to poisoning. Can use power slash on the stone to send the stone back at Tsunade, cracking her shell.

poison bubble: spits up a poisonous bubble. If it is struck with a power slash or it touches the ground, a large cloud of poison covers the ground underneath. It can be sent away with a galestorm.

poison mist: sucks up air and blows out a cloud of poison. Contact with it leads to poisoning. It can be dispelled with galestorm.

poison trail: as she moves, she leaves behind a gooey trail of poison. Contact with it leads to poisoning. The goop is dispelled with waterspout.

shell spin: while retracted into shell, rolls towards Kuni. Can roll in succession 3 to 5 times. Each strike deals 2 units of damage.

shell slam: while retracted into shell, if Kuni is on either side of the shell, rocks it towards Kuni in an attempt to slam Kuni underneath. Deals three units of damage.

Strategy continued

Tsunade is only vulnerable in her flesh. Her shell deflects all attacks. However, if you use power slash on a stone she spits at you, you can form a crack in the shell. Just be careful you don't power slash a poison bubble, otherwise you get a lot of poisonous mist. You can then bomb that crack to expose more vulnerable flesh. This is recommended, because either end is capable of attacking you, whereas, unless she's in her shell, she has to turn around to face you if you're attacking the side. Speaking of the shell, if you have an opening and you have an item or weapon with a lightning affiliation, you can direct it to the opening in the shell, forcing her to jut her head and tail out, cancelling her shell state.

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