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TsuKai Games (Sometimes shortened to just TsuKai (つ回), literally "Three Times") is a joint games company founded by GemGames Co., Outer Limits Co. and APIM Group, Inc.. TsuKai Games is known to have three mascots, Emerald, Speedy and Pesh, other notable TsuKai characters include John Mogwai, Red, Bearded, Purple, Roxanne, Savant, Ferdie, Kaichu, Paucha, Zak, Maion, Guppy and Wham. Many other companies have been recruited into TsuKai Games since it was founded, including; Purple Paw Studios, X-Scissor, Phoenix Circle and Beanstalk Inc..


The company began when Elise and SonicWiki left Fusion Entertainment in 2011, and were soon starting their own company with approval from Arend, TsuKai was born.








A full gallery of all logo's and promotional things for TsuKai.

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