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Trysparrow ACL
The evil villian of Lani City
Current Age about 20-21
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Shniyzel City
Class Villian
First Appearance Hugo!
Latest Appearance Fantendo Weapons of War
Family and Relations
Trysparrow Jr. (son) Throwarrow (brother)
Voice Actor(s)
Marcus Giannopyny (2013-present)
 Trysparrow is the evil villian who wants to destroy Lani City for no reason. He comes from Shnyzel City and is Hugo's worst enemy. Trysparrow appeared in every single game Hugo did. He wears a red shirt, blue jeans and brown shoes. He has brown hair and is supposed to have freckels (according to _____).



Hugo! was his first appearance. He appears as the main villian of the game

Hugo Journey

In this game Trysparrow gets revenge and created the Robo Trysparrow. Nothing will be able to stop him! Or is there?

Fantendo Universe

He's back again....



The evil Beorn


His power's aren't too different to Hugo's. He has only 3 different ones

  • Smash
  • Slap
  • Hit
  • Jump Slam
  • Body Slam
  • Face Slam
  • Monster Slam
  • Ground Pound
  • Wall Pound
  • Extreme Pound (Usually a final smash)
  • Boom Pow Smash

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