Truttle Games is a team that makes games with Game Maker.


Mario Team:Part 1

Princess Peach is taken by Bowser along with Toads. The news is filming Mario on his adventure to save the Toads, but he can't do it alone. He needs to get 26 parters to help him on this platform/RPG game.


1:A Stadium Advenure

Mario has to defeat a giant Lakitu, but when defeated, the Lakitu becomes furious!

Hand breakout Land

The platforms are stones, and a dangerous breakout ball is destroying them!

Adventure on the K-64

Somebody is throwing an innocent goomba off the tracks! Who is it? Find out!

The hunt for Pizza

There is two similar-looking Koopas in the Woah Zone! 

The end of a Diamond Star

The path to a haunted hotel, plus you have to fight... a giant goomba?

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