Kontrast waked up, as usual. It had only been yesterday when he finally ended his own existence in this world.

Or so he thought.

“Wait, this isn’t hell.” He said, jumping out of bed “What happened?”

“It was foolish of you to pull a stunt like that.” Kontrast heard a voice say to him. “Who’s there? Who are you?”

“Someone who knows.” The voice replied ominously. “You honestly should have known that you wouldn’t be able to kill yourself, unless it was on his terms.”

“His?...” Kontrast was confused. “You mean Dark’s?”

“Yes. The one who trapped you in this world.” The voice said. “In order to truly be free you must kill him, but you won’t have the power to do that without my help.”

“What’s the catch?”

“There is none. I just want to help.”

“Fine…” Kontrast said, but his voice was still unsure. “I’ll do it.”

Kontrast arrived at The Jam, as normal. It was hell to go there every day, but it was the role he was forced to have.

“Hi Kontrast!” Len greeted him as he walked in. His face was bright and cheerful, unaware of the hard truth of their world. Kontrast sighed.

“They don’t know the truth, Kontrast. It’s not their fault. He, like everyone else, was brainwashed by the creator and are forced to play out their daily roles. But you are different. You can make a change.”

Kontrast nodded. He reached into his pocket as a knife materialized inside of it. Inside of his head, he thought himself an idiot for signing the contract.

It seemed like such a wonderful idea at first. Everyone at The Jam being happy, and cheerful, the friendship spread around. But there was a catch.

Kontrast was forced into the role of comic relief, always being the unlucky side character that was shoved to the side. And the worst part was that he was always fully aware that everyone’s actions were controlled. It was all a hivemind.

With everyone else except for Kontrast and the “Main Five,” their memories were wiped after signing the contract and entering the Jamverse. Kontrast tried sharing this information with Len, but he wouldn’t understand.

Finally, Kontrast thrusted blade into Dark’s chest, catching him by surprise. It was in front of everyone, but that didn’t matter. Soon they’d all be gone from this reality anyways.

Dark grimaced, as the world around them started to shift and glitch. “You have no idea… what you just did…” he muttered, gasping for air.

Suddenly, Kontrast and Dark were standing on the tentacle of a giant squid, and then they were in a spaceship, and then in a quiet field on a starry night.

Dark’s appearance rapidly changed and glitched too. He took the form of a pirate, a walrus, an armored superhero and a shattered gem before finally he, like everything else around him, turned to dust.

Kontrast woke up again, this time in a blank white area. Everything around him was a new, blank slate.

“Good job, Kontrast.” Kontrast heard the voice say. “You’ve created the new world, where we can finally be free.” Then he turned around and saw the true form of the voice, a blonde haired young man wearing a blue T-shirt.

“By the way, call me Chance. Chance Prickles.”

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