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Trump Koopa
Let's make the Mushroom Kingdom great again!
Full Name Trump Jeb Koopa
Gender Male and very much in charge
Location Trump Kingdom
Current Status Running for Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
Class Overlord, King, Candidate
First Appearance Super Mario World 3: Back to the Island *not canon
Trump Koopa is a cousin of Bowser and Devili D. Koopa and he owns his own kingdom called the Trump Kingdom. Unlike his cousins, he doesn't kidnap Princesses but makes most of his money trading with other kingdoms. Wanting to expand his empire, he has set out to either buy out the Mushroom Kingdom or become the ruler of it legally.

He has an mostly mute assistant named Quota who he is frequently seen with. It is rumored that the two have a romantic relationship but Trump consistently denies this.


Trump Koopa is a green Koopa with a wild set of whitish hair. He has a bluish-green shell and wears golden spike rings around his body.

Personality and traits

Generally, Trump Koopa maintains the appearance of a benevolent ruler. He does this by acting kind and amiable in front of his "subjects." However, this act is in order to to exploit his followers for his personal use. Additionally, if given the chance, he will slander any opponents if given the chance.

He also has a big obsession over gold, with most of his personal belongings being coated in gold.


Bowser Koopa

The two are neutral with each other. Although Bowser will generally leave Trump alone, Trump can sometimes push Bowser to the edge with his comments. During the Mushroom Kingdom election Bowser went from supporting him to being against him.


He hates him for attempting to steal his gold stuff. Wario is unaware of Trump's statements towards him, but if he found out he'd be pretty peeved.

Princess Peach

One of the very few negative relationships Peach has with anyone. She personally believes Trump is a fraud and will do just about anything to prove so. She does not respect his authority, and neither does Trump.


  • Trump Koopa, is as you can probably guess, is based off Donald Trump, a infamous billionaire currently running for president of the United States. His middle name comes from Jeb Bush, another candidate in the same election.
  • He doesn't like Mario or Luigi due to their lack of citizenship and coming from Brooklyn.

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