True Eye is a cult that is the main antagonistic group of Shy Guy's Land


The True Eye cult is a bizarre extremist organization of Shy Guy cult members doing strange sacrifical events to "cleanse the tainted blood of the wrong," the organization is lead by Gordon Campbell, an elderly Shy Guy dressed in white robes with a giant eye painted on the front of it. They have an unknown extent of religious worship and belief, by sacrificing "unbelievers" or "heretics" (those, especially other Shy Guys, not affialated with their organization,) they have a main base near the Mushroom Kingdom in Italy, (though the members are English) where they do they're worships in an abandoned theatre in the Kingdoms outskirts, they also have a secret base in Desert Hill in the kingdom, in a secret warehouse where they do they're sacrifices where they put they're victims in a box, stripping them to just they're underwear, before they do the sacrifice, and in the warehouse is all kinds of ceremonial equipment, and posters written about they're intentions, and backstory about they're backstory, apparently the federal goverment of Europe's countries have hard times trying to track down the cult members. The True Eye cult has no type of affialation with Bowser in any way, but they are worthy of how the overall storyline began.

Cult Members Appearance

The cult members are Shy Guys dressed in dark yellow shy guy hoodies, blue pants, matching dark yellow boots with their hoodies, and their masks are painted red. They have short brown or blonde hair that is hard to see under their hoods.


True Eye is first met in chapter 1-6 where Lionel finds a group of the members and Gordon Campbell about to sacrifice a goomba, named Louie, where Lionel witnesses what the members are up to, the members put Louie in a box which Gordon plans to stab Louie with his sword, but before he does, he notices Lionel which he sends his members to kill Lionel before Louie, where Gordon escapes as Lionel fights off the members. After which Lionel frees Louie from near demise, afterwards the Cult members are encountered all throughout the storyline, where Lionel finds them chanting and praying, and where they attack him with ceremonial daggers. At the end in chapter 6-6 Lionel gets captured by the members as they use sleeping powder on him and Lionel awakens in Desert Hill in a warehouse with several members heard chanting, where Lionel finds a keycard from one of the members after KOing them, Lionel investigates finding Booris's Frightening Cinema, where the abandoned theatre has cult members and the leader Gordon about to sacrifice Lionel's friends! Then it is a one on one final showdown with Gordon, soon Lionel defeats Gordon. Gordon stumbles over to a mannequin with a sword impaled through it, Gordon telling to be given strength and his final words "I beseech thee!" then the statue falls over with the sword through it impaling Gordon through his head killing him. Where then the last living cult members storm in to avenge the leader, and Lionel fights them off and frees his friends, putting an end to True Eye, and stopping the cult's attack on Dream Island once and for all.

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