Troy Jackson
Full Name Troy Arnold Jackson
Current Age 18
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Senala, Tuvalu
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Fairly accurate with shooting
Nationality Tuvalu / 25px-Flag of USA
Ethnicity Polynesian
Height 6'5"
First Appearance Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side
Series SSB TayshaunandAmy

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Troy is a human from Tuvalu. He is a rather wealthy young golf player who has an aspiring career ahead of him.


Troy is a tall 18-year-old Polynesian male with long black hair tied up into a "tsunami style" bun. He wears a dull green polo shirt, light blue jeans and indigo trainers. His eyes are brown.


Troy was born in Tuvalu but moved to the United States shortly after his birth. He was raised in a suburb of Jacksonville, in Florida. Troy grew up around a professional golf course, where he was taken to many times to watch major championships that took place on the course. When Troy was 13, he started to take up the sport.

Troy ended up getting somewhat hooked to the sport, trying to get a round in at least once every 2 weeks. When Troy was 17, he signed up for the PGA, and became a professional golfer. He then moved to California and won his first event as a professional, earning plenty of money. Troy's career started looking bright, and he ended up joining a vigilante squad to pass the time when there are no tournaments going on.


Troy is a gentle and polite person, and usually acts like a gentleman. He has respect for most people, and likes to let others go first. He attributes this to some of the rules of golf.


  • The "tsunami style" hair Troy has is supposed to be like a rather large bun.