Troubled Tyrone is an arcade game in Skip and Sqak Rangers. The game is when Tyrone Koala causes trouble at a Red Ant Mansion owned by wealthy Tarysa. You can either make Tyrone can either be a sneaky prankster or a destructive, outta cotnrol lunatic.

This game is kinda like the game, Naughty Bear, except there is no killing.


Tyrone the Koala is up to no good again! This time, he sneaks into the mansion of wealthy Red Ant Tarysa and he has a bunch of tricks up his sleeve! Help Tyrone cause all sorts of trouble for this lady without getting captured by her workers, servants and her bodyguard!

From a beautiful courtyard, to a lovely hallway, and into a dark basement, it's gonna be one heck of a blow out in this beautiful home as Tyrone ends up pulling many pranks on these rich snobs!


Here is many pranks Tyrone can play in Tarysa's mansion:

  • Scribble or destroy statues
  • Throw water balloons at the Red Ants
  • Sneak up and scare Red Ants
  • Smash vases
  • Throw eggs at windows (and Red Ants)
  • Ride your skateboard all over the place
  • Shove the Ant's faces down a toilet to give them a swirly

Hiding Places

There are many places you can hide in Tarysa's Mansion.

  • Hide in a bush
  • Hide under a bucket
  • Under a bed
  • Go in a closet
  • Hide inside a chest
  • Stand on a small table and pretend to be a statue


You can also set up some traps for Tarysa and her workers:

  • Mud Pool: put a leaf pile on a mud puddle to make it look like the ground and when an Ant steps in one, they're covered in mud.
  • Hole: Put a sign that says "KOALA DOWN HOLE" beside a hole. When an Ant reads the sign, they'll jump down the hole thinking your down there but they'll be stuck and can't get out.
  • Closet: When an Ant goes near a closet, you can shove them in there and lock the doors.
  • TBA


Tarysa has many Red Ants who are working in many places in her mansion:

  • Gardener: These Ants work on the garden.
  • Servant: These Ants often carry food for Tarysa. Knocking the food from their hands will shake their mood.
  • Guards: These Ants are hunting to take you down. Be careful, they're equipped with Laser Guns.
  • Maids: These female ants are best friends to Tarysa.
  • Zombie Ants: These zombies reside the graveyard close by the Mansion.


These are the places you can explore:

  • Courtyard
  • Tarysa's Mansion
  • Cellar
  • Graveyard
  • Factory
  • TBA

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