Troubled Pasts
TV Series Fantendo - Gaiden
Season Number 1
Episode Number 008(Overall)


Writer(s) Sr.Wario
Airing Date(s)
November, 2015
Preceding Episode A Visit from Terra
Following Episode Blaze It

Troubled Pasts is the eigth episode of Fantendo - Gaiden, and the eigth episode of Season 1. In this episode, Rizzo has Sinn and Skett take therapy sessions with Logia. Reception has been (TBA).


In 1975, a little boy with a full head of black hair is stomping in the rain without a jacket. As he kicks leaf piles and dances around, his mother calls him in for some hot soup, calling him Eric.

The episode then shows a large and fancy restauraunt named "Ce Navire Est". Waiters swiftly make their way to tables as the busy and skilled chefs call out orders. One waiter brings a coffee to a man in a black coat with a suspicious aura to him. The waiter asks if the man would like anything else, but the man shoes the waiter off, saying he has something to prepare. The man takes out a gun and fires across the diner, with people screaming and ducking under their tables.

However, two people stand out by not ducking from the fire but confronting the threat head on; Skett and Carter. The man fires at them repeatedly, but Skett frequently dashes away into the darkness. He then aims at Carter, but she jams his gun with a remote gadget. Carter then fires at the man with a stun gun, and Skett swoops him up. Skett finds a Lynxclaw Inc. tag on his gun, recognizing the man as yet another of their assasins. Skett promises to take Carter on a better date, running off to take the man back to HQ. Carter smiles and follows behind him.

The two find Zabrent and Logia waiting at the HQ, and ask them what they're doing there. They explain that Rizzo called in Sinn for some unknown reason. Zabrent theorizes that Rizzo is firing Sinn, but Logia tells Zabrent that Rizzo seemed like a nice woman when he met her, even if she hired someone to kidnap him. Meanwhile, Sinn sits down at Rizzo's desk, and asks what she has to say to him.

Rizzo tells Sinn that he's done excellently as a Squad Leader, and that she's not here to reprimand him but help him instead. Rizzo reminds Sinn of an unspecified incident, but Sinn stops her, telling her that he's fine and that she doesn't need to say anything more. But Rizzo continues, telling Sinn that he changed on that day, and that she knows it still hurts him. Sinn admits that, but asks what she wants from him.

Rizzo suggests that Sinn get some therapy from Logia, which Sinn immediately dismisses. Rizzo tells Sinn that his job depends on it, so he reluctantly complies. As Sinn is leaving, Rizzo tells Sinn that she saw Skett's file, and tells Sinn to have Skett take some therapy as well. Sinn tells Rizzo Skett won't like it, but nonetheless walks off to tell him.

As Sinn expected, Skett refuses, and tells Sinn that he's completely fine. Sinn tells Skett that he can't really do much about it, and even though he likes Skett and appreciates his skills, will terminate his position if he doesn't. Skett looks at Carter for a moment, and then tells Sinn he'll do it if he has to. Sinn and Skett go off to tell Logia, who estatically tells them to prepare to open up. Both of them roll their eyes and sigh, but go on with it.

Sinn begins to tell his past, with Logia intently listening. Sinn says that he was born a happy little boy in a small rainy town in Massachusetts, who was born to a police officer father and a housewife mother. One day, as a young child, Sinn saw a criminal fleeing on foot, but his father caught the criminal and brought him in. Ever since, Sinn wanted to become someone to deliver justice.

Sinn eventually became an FBI agent, still as chipper as ever. Sinn grew a close friendship with his boss, but he eventually learned that his boss was a double agent working with a drug cartel. Sinn confronted him, and was attacked, with the two in a gunfight. His boss refused to flee and shot at Sinn, forcing Sinn to take him out. Sinn blamed both himself and the FBI for the incident, believing they could have discovered him and arrested him before it came to that. Sinn then retired quickly to live a lonely quiet life.

As Sinn talks to Logia, Skett prepares for his own session, with him telling himself he has to get it over with. Sinn walks out quietly, and Skett enters. Logia asks Skett to share his past, with Skett reluctantly beginning to. Skett was born in a ghetto to a quiet compliant mother and an abusive drunk father. Skett and his mother were constantly beat, with him having no way to protest. When he got an invitation to Boltzmann University, he immediately left. Sometime later, he learned that his father beat his mother to death one night, instilling his hatred of authority and anti-social behavior.

Sinn looks out at the squad from a platform on the plane. Skett then comes out, and asks Sinn what Logia told him. Sinn says it's a long story, but that the key to all injuries in the end is to move forward, and away from the past. Skett tells Sinn that Logia said the same. Skett then heads off, with Sinn looking out at his squad and enjoying his new life, moving away from his past. Skett, meanwhile, approaches Carter and asks her on that second date. Carter happily accepts and they head out.

In the Stinger for the episode, Zabrent asks Sinn and Logia if they think Carter and Skett are boning. Logia and Sinn laugh at Zabrent and walk away, with him shrugging.


Look, Eric, you've been an excellent Squad Leader. It's not about that. I want to help.
Okay, Helen...
I remember the incident.
Stop, Helen. That was years ago, we don't need to talk about it. It's over.
It's not. You've changed Eric, I can still see it in your eyes.
That's true, but what do you want me to do about it?
Helen Rizzo and Eric Sinn

What did he say to you?
It's a long story. But it all boiled down to time. I have to let go of the past and live in the present, and enjoy the present.
Jake Skett and Eric Sinn

Hey, just a crazy thought, but do you guys think Skett and Carter are boning?
(Laughs hysterically)
(Shrugs) I guess not. Just a thought.
James Zabrent and Eric Sinn and Hugo Logia


The episode received positive reception, especially the Skarter shipping.


  • The chefs inside the resteraunt resemble the Chef enemies from Fish Bone: Attack of the Chefs!.
  • Other shippings from the Fantendoverse appear inside the restauraunt as cameos.
  • If viewers glance at the menu of the restauraunt, one meal is named Mr. Chilli's Chili Bowl.
  • Translating the resteraunt's name reveals a secret.