Trophies (フィギュア, Figure) are collectible items found in the Super Smash Bros. series. They represent various characters, items, and other things that are found in the said franchise. Super Smash Bros. Universe will feature a total of __ trophies.

Super Smash Bros.

Trophies that relate to the Super Smash Bros. franchise.

Trophy Gallery (SSB6)/Super Smash Bros.

Super Mario

Trophies that relate to the Super Mario franchise.

Trophy Gallery (SSB6)/Super Mario

Donkey Kong

Trophy Galllery (SSB6)/Donkey Kong


Image Name Description Appearences
BabyMarioTrophyUniverse Baby Mario
BabyLuigiTrophyUniverse Baby Luigi

Wario Ware/Wario Land

Paper Mario

The Legend of Zelda

Image Name Description Appearences
LinkSmashTrophyUniverse Link (All-Star)
ZeldaAllStarTophyUniverse Zelda (All-Star)
GanondorfTrophySmashUniverse Ganondorf
ImpaSmashTrophyUniverse Impa (All-Star)
LanaTrophySmashUniverse Lana
  • Hyrule Warriors (2014)
Lana (All-Star)
Cia (All-Star)
AgithaTrophyUniverse Agitha
FiTrophyUniverse Fi
ZantTrophyUniverse Zant
VolgaTrophyUniverse Volga
WizzroTrophyUniverse Wizzro
DarkLinkTrophyUniverse Dark Link


Star Fox


Image Name Trophy # Description Appearences
CaptainFalconTrophyUniverse Captain Falcon
Blue Falcon
BlackShadowTrophyUniverse Black Shadow Black Shadow is the undisputed lord of evil, who deeply hates Captain Falcon, and often shows up at F-Zero races as if they were his own. It's been said that those who have seen his face never lived to tell the tale. In Smash Bros. Black Shadow relies on his dark magic and powerful attacks to face opponents.
Dark Highway Black Shadow's Final Smash. A move in which Black Shadow causes the stage to be covered in darkness, and then suddenly appears with the primary members of the Dark Million organization. In case your wondering, the racers are Baba, Octoman, Bio Rex, Blood Falcon, Pico, Billy, Don Genie, Deathborn, Miss Killer, & Zoda.
JodySummerTrophyUniverse Jody Summer
White Cat
KateAlenTrophyUniverse Kate Alen A famous pop star who joined the F-Zero races in order to escape the boredom of it. Its been said that her most popular tune is the song, "A Little Love Never Hurt Anyone" which still gets played on the airwaves around the galaxy. In Smash Bros. Kate uses her musical talents to make opponents beg for mercy!
Super Pirannah
Digi-BoyTophyUniverse Terry "Digi-Boy" Getter An 8-year old genius whose real name is Terry Getter. He joins the F-Zero races in order to experiment with a vehicle that can drive itself. However, as the rules for F-Zero require a pilot inside of the vehicle, Digi-Boy ended up participating.  In Smash Bros. Digi-Boy uses a combination of his tablet, his backpack, and astronomy to attack opponents.
Cosmic Dolphin
Princia Ramode A 19 year old Princess from the planet Magica. Bored with her life, she snuck out with several servents, and made her way to Earth where she became interested in the F-Zero races.
Rick Wheeler A 22 year-old young man who was chasing after Zoda, when his car crashed and he died. However he was later revived by Jody Summer, Dr. Stewart, and John Tanaka in order to help them take down the Dark Million Organization. In Smash Bros. Rick fights the exact same way as Catain Falcon, however all of his attack are electric based.
  • F-Zero GP Legend 
  • F-Zero Climax
Kent Akechi A young man who first appears in the game F-Zero: Maximum Velocity who claims to be the son of Captain Falcon. In addition his vehicle appears to be an upgraded version of the Blue Falcon! Due to the highly secretive nature of Captain Falcon himself, this has yet to be proven right!
  • F-Zero Maximum Velocity (2001)
Antonio Guster  The former right-hand man of Samurai Goroh who was abandoned by Goroh into the hands of the Galactic Space Allies. After being released from prison, his only goal has been to get revenge on Goroh, in front of millions of F-Zero fans!
  • F-Zero X (1998)
  • F-Zero Climax (2004)
Baba A "wild child" who was raised amid the natural beauty of Giant, a planet with extensive tracts of green land. He has natural animal insticts, and a well-toned body. He never wins any F-Zero races, but he seems to a bit too overconfident if you ask me!
  • F-Zero X (1998)
  • F-Zero GX (2003)
LilyFlyer BunnyFlashTrophyUniverse Lily Flyer
A 14 year-old girl who has been training under the Galatic Space Forces for her entire life. Despite only being 14 years old, she has already seen combat due to being emergency support for conflicts. Unlike other F-Zero pilots, she prefers not to spend the prize money, (It all goes to the Forces, anyway!) its just for polishing her quick decisions under pressure!
  • F-Zero GX (2003)
An alien that is considered to be the best cabbie in the galaxy. A former employee of the Galaxy Cab company that would transport passengers from planet to planet. His skilled driving never followed traffic laws however, and he often ended up in chases with the authorities!
  • F-Zero GX (2003)
MightyGazelleTrophyUniverse Mighty Gazelle
JackLevinTrophyUniverse Jack Levin
Dai Goroh TBA
  • F-Zero GX (2003)
Leon AnglarUniverseTrophy Leon TBA
  • F-Zero X (1998)
  • F-Zero GX (2003)
BioRexTrophyUniverse Bio Rex
Dr.Clash+CrazyBearTrophyUniverse Dr. Clash
Michael Chain
Pheonix+RainbowPheonixTrophyUniverse Pheonix




Image Name Description Appearences
LucasTrophySmashUniverse Lucas
  • Mother 3 (2006)
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)

Animal Crossing

Golden Sun

Advance Wars

Trace Memory

The Last Story

Xenoblade Chronicles

Sonic the Hedgehog

Metal Gear Solid

Mega Man


Street Fighter

Trophy Gallery (SSB6)/Street Fighter


Image Name Description Appearences
Jeanne  A former rival to Bayonetta, and the former heiress to the Umbran Throne for over 500 years. It's rumored that her former rivalry with Bayonetta may have also lasted that long! In Bayonetta 2, the two have put their past behind them, and Bayonetta must rescue her from Inferno after a demon summon goes wrong.
  • Bayonetta (2009)
  • Bayonetta 2 (2014)

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