Trophy (Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover)
First Appearance Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover
Latest Appearance Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover

Trophys are items that represents the bosses' appearances, they are obtained when you once defeat a boss in Story Mode, they first appeared in the game, Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover.


They are trophys made out of gold that represents the bosses' appearances or heads

Game Appearances

Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover

It debuts in this game, they are items that are obtained by defeating bosses once in Story Mode, they can be viewed in the Trophy Viewing Room that is accessed from the menu


  • The way of being obtained while defeating bosses once is similar to retrieving the Boss Medals from Kirby Squeak Squad while having it's appearance is based off of the trophys obtained by defeating X Bosses once in Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story and Dream Team.

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