Trope-Tan and The Lampshade of Truth
Developer(s) Locked Gaming
Publisher(s) Locked Gaming
Platform(s) Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, OUYA, Nintendo Silver and PC via Steam.
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan January 29, 2014
25px-Flag of USA March 18, 2014.
25px-Flag of Europe October 9, 2014.
25px-Flag of Australia October 9, 2014.
1-4 players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D platformer fightning beat 'em up shoot 'em up dating sim open-world sandbox racing 4X role-playing game.
Series Trope-Tan!!
Media Included Game Disk
Game Cartidge
Digital Download
The Book Begins. A wild Video Game Adaptation of Trope-Tan appears. There is No Plot! No Problem! Play as TROPE-TAN is several CLICHE VIDEO GAME LEVELS. Why? I don't know, Rule of Cool maybe? Can you beat the Big Bad and save the Lampshade of Truth? Why do you even want a lampshade though? To hang it somewhere, of course!

Trope-Tan and the Lampshade of Truth (stylized as TROPE-TAN!! and the Lampshade of Truth in the boxart) is the first game of the Trope-Tan series. It tells the tale of Trope-Tan fightning against the Big Bad forces to save the Lampshade of Truth. The players take control of Trope-Tan or one of the five members of the Team.

It is also Port Overdosed. And also Reference Overdosed. All bits of the game has references. All of the bits. All of themm.


There is no story, because No Plot? No Problem! Just Trope-Tan having to save the Lampshade of Truth from the Big Bad.


In Trope-Tan and The Lampshade of Truth, the player takes control of Trope-tan or one of the Team members. Playing as Trope-tan gives you a bunch of unique abilities, she has a Big Frickin' Quill, which can rewrite reality, this can be used to solve some puzzles, but it is limited to use three times in each level. She can also use an Idiot Ball, but only if she remembers about it, if she doesn't, then you can't use it. The Idiot Ball can be used to distract enemies. She also uses a bottomless Russian Revolver to kill enemies. Even though the game never says die. She also has a remote television controller, which is used to solve puzzles (in the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Silver versions of the game, the remote television controller is replaced by a Game Boy Advance). One of her other abilities is that she can also mix and match those items, similar to the mix and match system in games like Kirby 64, to solve more puzzles or simply for more dakka.

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