Troninion flag

Flag of Troninion.

Troninion is a country on the Osirisian continent of Lumilia. It is a small country next to Lockinston, and near Lumoshiland. The country also has overseas territory in Doelina.


California: The capital of Troninion, this large city that seems to resemble Los Angeles on the coast of the country. Brendan, Eddie, Krystal the Popopo and Jess the Popopo all hail from here.

Mount Yujiyama: A large mountain near the center of Troninion. It's top is always covered with snow.

Yujiyama Village: a small village on Mount Yujiyama. It has very few residents.

Viridian Outlook: A beautiful hill that looks very picturesque at sunset.

Fiery Outback: A scorching desert that has pools of lava on the left and right.

Chicago: A big, bustling metropolis in the heart of Troninion.

New London: A city near the border between Troninion and Lockinston. It's the main part of Troninion for entertainment.


Troninion has a rather large video game following. It enters in Osirisvision every edition. They won it in the July 2015 Marinia edition. NES-rock music is extremely popular in Troninion too. The country's main sports are basketball and ice hockey.

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