This page is dedicated to Trizer and the Rekkalings, the Bosses of New Super Mario Bros. U-X. They are alternate dimensions counterparts of Bowser and the Koopalings. While less is known about them they are stronger are more diverse than their Koopa counterparts.


Trizer and the Rekkalings
Trizer, Bowser's Counterpart
Full Name Trizer
Gender Male
Species Rekka Brekka
Current Status Unknown
Class Villain
Family and Relations
Rekkalings (Children)
Main Weapon(s) Blue Fire Breath, Shadow Slashes, Dimensional Explosives, Shockwaves
Rekka King
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. U-X

Trizer was a tyrannical king of the Rekkas who was significantly dangerous to their dimension. His intention was to become the leader of all universes by taking the Golden Stars which give power to both heroes and villains of a Dimension, however he was chased down by Mario and co. who eventually defeated him to which he fell into the Blue Lava within his Castle. His current status is unknown however he is assumed to be deceased.


The Rekkalings are the children of Trizer and counterparts to the Koopalings. They are regarded as being significantly more sinister and having darker states of minds than the Koopalings.

Hue Rekka

Hue Rekka is the youngest of the Rekkalings, similar to Larry he is easily enraged. His rage has allowed him to turn his blood into toxic liquid which he can use to fight. His greed is unrivalled by most and he often steals previous jewels and food from local species.

Hannibal Rekka

Hannibal Rekka is the second youngest Rekkaling. He is very aggressive possessing substantial physical strength although very limited mental capabilites. His anger is contained within as he is able to convert it into Icy breaths which cause more pain than fire breath.

Joan Rekka

Joan Rekka is one of the middle Rekkalings. She is childish despite her age and often has tantrums and complains until she gets her way. It is said that she once destroyed a whole castle because she didn't like the colour of the fire in the chandeliers.

Julius Rekka

Julius is one of the middle Rekkalings. He believes he is the boss of the Rekkalings regardless of age, basing it off his calm nature in the face of danger. He is boastful and takes pride in any act of dominance he does.

Khan Rekka

Khan Rekka is one of the middle Rekkalings. He is completely insane and has been said to have no form of self-control, it is unknown why he is this way however it is assumed that his warped mental state came from the extended time spent in the Central Gold River Tower which radiates pure gold into the air.

Napoleon Rekka

Napoleon Rekka is the second oldest of the Rekkalings. He is a mechanical and magical genius harnessing both in unison to create machines of great power with the simplicity of magic. He is arguebly the most humaine of the Rekkalings as he cares little for others due to being engrossed in ideas.

Alexander Rekka

Alexander Rekka is the oldest of the Rekkalings. Due to his age he is significantly stronger than the other Rekkalings despite physical appearance. He is also extremely well versed in persuasion and thought as he is capable of convincing even the most stubborn creatures to follow his cause.

Name Image Age Gender Main Weapons
Hue Rekka
15 Male
  • Terra Scepter
  • Poison Blades
Hannibal Rekka
17 Male
  • Asteroid Hammer
  • Icy Breath
  • Ground Pound
Joan Rekka
18 Female
  • Lightning Skates
  • Aqua Rings
  • Electro Necklace
Julius Rekka
19 Male
  • Bronzite Bob Cannon
  • Ground Pound
  • Giant's Punch
Khan Rekka
19 Male
  • Lightning Sceptre
  • Illusions
  • Extreme Speed
Napoleon Rekka
21 Male
  • Enemy Bombs
  • Illusion Balls
  • Room Warper
Alexander Rekka
25 Male
  • Dual Copy
  • Flutter Jump
  • Blue Fire Sceptre
  • Spike Cannon