Tritan is a 3D character first seen in Worlds of Creation. He is somewhere around 13, and can build. He was most likely born in Sidewalk Planet, but nobody really knows.


Worlds of Creation

Tritan is the main playable character in the game. Other than online, he is in all of the game modes.

Deadly 17

Tritan is one of the several main characters in the game. He can throw Building Buds and use Rocket Boots to get across areas.

Super Tritan Galaxy

Tritan attends Princess Peach's party, only to be knocked out by Bowser. When he wakes up, he meets Rosalina. He can only jump in this game, it seems. He also seems to have a crush on Rosalina in this game.

Doodleland 4

He and his North Universe self are in Doodleland 4.


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