Tristan Galahgez
Tristan Galahgez's mugshot from Hope Without A Cause
Full Name Tristan Logan Galahgez
Current Age 27
Gender Male
Species Human
Tristan Galahgez is one of the playable characters from Hope Without A Cause. The leader of the guys half of the prison, he's the guy everyone wants to be and the guy all the girls want to be with. He leads the most powerful gang in Morlano and smuggles in contraband, meaning if one of the officers find out about his scheme he could be sent to solitary confinement or even sentenced the death penalty.


Out of prison, Tristan ran a drug ring with his family, where he sold all his drugs to provide money for his family. The ring soon got out of hand and became to big, leading the police to easily catch Tristan.

In prison, Tristan opens another business of smuggling contraband into Morlano. Tristan's business runs suprisingly easy and well, but Harris Gorne, one of the inmates, spots Ferris Birch, another inmate with some contraband and he is transferred to a maximum security prison. From this incident, the guards become highly aware of someone smuggling in contraband, and Tristan becomes worried he's going to be found out.

Soon enough, Tristan can't handle having to hide his business all by himself, so he approaches Momma C and extorts all the secrets other inmates have told her.

Using this information as blackmail, Tristan makes numerous inmates hold on to contraband so he won't be so easily caught.

This plan backfires however and all the inmates decide to band together to rat out Tristan to the warden. Tristan is then arrested and transferred to a maximum security prison.

Physical Description

Tristan, being latino, has brown skin with spiky brown hair. He has bright blue eyes, which he often uses to his advantage, and a light stubble on his chin.

Tristan is the tallest male in the prison and is also quite small with little muscle or fat.

Game Appearances

  • Hope Without A Cause: Tristan ends up in prison from his drug ring back at home, so he decides to open a contraband business, smuggling it in.

Relationships with other characters

Momma C

Tristan has an obvious hatred for her, as all the inmates love Momma C and Tristan gets jealous. When Tristan extorts information out of her, he ruins Momma C's prison status, which makes her build a hatred for Tristan.

Jai Apalo

Jai begins in Tristan's contraband business, but soon leaves the group to join the girls white clique. After he leaves, Tristan despises him and wants to ruin him the worst.

Fenti Nuuta

As Fenti tries to find his place in the prison, he tries out Tristan's business but doesn't fit in. Tristan soon kicks him out, making Fenti hate Tristan for not giving him much of a chance.


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