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How another artist pictures him, aka a human Spyro.
Current Age 16
Date of Birth 1997
Gender Male
Species Human/dragon
Current Status Alive and well
Ability/ies Fire, magic, horns, wings, manipulation
Voice Actor(s)
Josh Keaton
Tripyro is a humanoid dragon-like creature. He was actually a human girl once, but once mixed with male lizard DNA, her gender, looks, and mind changed. She became a male, and a half-dragon, half-human mixture. Now a he, he became bent on destroying the world.


Madelyn Keaton was a normal young lady who had a job at a science facility. She also played video games in her free time. One day, her boss and older brother, Leonardo Keaton, asked her to test out a new experiment involving male lizard DNA. She indeed tried to test the experiment, but not before her brother played a trick on her and shoved her in the pod which would mix the DNA with the test subject. He accidently pressed the start button, and the DNA and Madelyn mixed together.

When she got out of the pod, she started to change. Her gender changed, rendering her a male now, and golden spikes grew out of her back. Then, the horns on her head erupted, and her brown hair turned purple and short. She lost 6 toes and 6 fingers, and wings grew. Eventually, the new transformation was complete, and Tripyro was born.


His new appearance now has golden wings, spikes, teeth, horns, toenails, fingernails, and eyes. His skin is light purple with dark purple spots. His hair and lips are now dark purple. He has a tail with a golden spike at the end, and he has three fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot. The only article of clothing that still remains are black shorts.

Her old appearance has blue eyes, brown hair, pink lips, and a smile. She wore a business shirt and a tie, and a black skirt with black shorts under it. She had pink socks and green high-heels.


He is willing to kill anyone or anything he thinks that'll stop him from destroying humanity. He is ruthless, evil, and has no intentions of turning good.