Triple Tremor
Developer(s) Saurus
Console Type Handheld
Rumble Feature, touch screen, built-in camera
Backward Compatibility No

The Triple Tremor is a Handheld Game system made by Saurus. It was released on Nov. 4th. 2013 at the price of 259.99$. Unlike the Playstation Vita's discs and the Nintendo 3DS's square cartridges, the Triple Tremor uses grey, plastic 1in.x1in. Triangle cartridges that plug into the back of the system(like the tri-star arcade). The Triple Tremor uses 1080p graphics, has a touch screen, and is the first Hanheld to Vibrate. Saurus thought this meant less room for features like 3-D, but instead put a 3-D / Rumble switch at the the bottom of the system.The packaged game was Catfish Swamp, rated E.


1: where Y is on Xbox controller

2: where X is on Xbox controller

A: where B is on Xbox controller

B: where A is on Xbox controller

Control Stick/D-pad set up is like 3DS

RS: Right shoulder Button

LS: Left shoulder Button

Start Button: underneath screen

Select: To the right of the Start button

Game Library

Upon release The Triple Tremor had more games available then the PSVita did as of December , 2011. The ones made solely by Saurus include Catfish Swamp(E), Rocket Ron(E10), Catfish Swamp 2(E), Cthulhu's Army(M), Rocket Ron: Blitz Blast Off(E10), Corn Grenade Pregade(T), and others. Though Saurus makes their own games, they help making second and third party games more than the other three game companies. Because of it's lack of buttons many games on home consoles wouldn't be ported, but because of its touch screen games like Bordelands 2 and Portal 2 were available on release.


Online Services

Tesseract Merge is the Online Service for the Triple Tremor. It allows you to:

  • Download Games, Videos, and Songs.
  • Play with friends via wifi
  • Type messages to friends with the touch screen
  • Get DLC for games
  • and more

Tesseract Merge has just started and is very simple to use. There is no need for adapters or wiring, just the system itself. Just connect with your router and you're all set. The service only cost $1.00 per month.