Triple Screen
The logo (Maded by User:Tetrisplayer)
Developer(s) Rowan productions
Console Type Handheld
Subtype(s) Nintendo DS Knockoff
Mic Controls, Midgits, Achievements, Gyro Sensors, Triple Network
The triple screen is a handheld made by Rowan Productions. It is a knockoff of the DS Lineup. It sports three screens. The two bottom are based on ds lite, the top one works like a 3DS... No, our secret is NOT recycled DSes. It is about 30'6 tall(10'2 per screen).


Wedge System

The Rowan Productions TS has a tripod, a long triangular wedge, on one edge is a charger plug. To activate sleep mode, which is hard to do without the wedge, bring the wedge then close it. You can also choose to charge the system while its open.



  • ABCD
  • 1234
  • L and R
  • Start and Select
  • D-Pad
  • Reset

Gyro Sensors

The TS supports gyro sensors. Move around the room...

Mic Controls

Certain Software supports mic controls.


Some Applications, or apps for short, make up a big deal of the TS.

Fun and Games

  • Game Card
  • Cartooninator
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Midgits
  • Midget Plaza
  • Collapse: Midgit Mall

Triple Screen

  • Health and Safety
  • Update Checker
  • Settings
  • Wi-Fi

TS Store

There is a shop that you can download stuff, check out descriptions for games in stock, and updates for Software. Only Hardware stuff, like making sure TS Store is installed, gets updated in Update Checker.

  • Games
  • Apps
  • In Stock
  • Software Updates
  • Videos
  • Search
  • Midgits



WoofCoins are the Triple Screen currency. They can be used for almost anything.


Midgits are similar to Miis in the 3DS. They can be customized. New things are having multiple hair colors, and having a seperate hats section.You can also set the midgit's favorites.

Games Collection

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