Heyo! This is just a little creepy story I made based on the "NoEnd House" creepypasta, a really good one imo (the sequels are REALLY meh but that's because they're made by someone else). Hope ya like it, also this is the first time i'm writing a "creepy" story like this one so it'll probably suck.

That said, this will probably be the first in a line of "one-shots" AKA simple and short stories made by me, most of them will be based on Fantendo but a few will be original, got that? Let's start!


Hello, my name is Cameron Michigan, I live in fairly small family with only one sister, but we got along really well and we almost never had fights....

Notice how I said "got", recently my sister has....disappeared, we don't know where did she go we just know she left one day and just never came back...Until recently when all of the sudden, and for the first time in a while now, I suddenly receive a message in Skype from her account.

- "bro, you know anything about NoEnd House?"

She told me about this weird place named NoEnd House, basically it's a haunted house like the one in Disney World, except this one has a lil' gimmick: It's 9 rooms, cross them all and you get 500 bucks. I ignored her message because, hell, she went missing a month ago and this is the first time I've been contacted by her, so I started typing the usual "Where the hell have you been?" message until she disconnected.

I noticed this was a clear sign that she wanted me to go this NoEnd House, I decided to go there since well, if she came back from the dead just to tell me about this place it must be important. The outside looks rusty and fancy, like a mansion. I go inside and to be honest, the lobby looks decent, it's pretty standard, a reception and two doors, one says "MANAGEMENT" and the other has a sign with a number 1, as well as a smaller sign below it with a message written in a sharpee marker.

- "Welcome to NoEnd House! Cross 9 terror-filled rooms and claim your prize at the end!"

I chuckle a little but start wondering why did my sister bring me here? I get the urge to enter just to see what's up, since the reception is empty and the Management Room is locked.

I place my hand on the knob and twist it, as I pull the door open I get a brief glance of the first room and walk in as the wind shuts the door behind me.

Room 1

This room creeped me out at first glance, but after taking a few steps and getting a better look, this room looks hilariously bad.

It's got skeletons you buy at a cheap dollar store for Halloween, hell, the plastic is even rusty and broken! And it's got this laughable Halloween song, you know, the type of Halloween song you'd buy for 99 cents at a cheap market.

I start laughing like hell until finally calming down and entering the next room.

Room 2

This room was a step-up from the last, it's got a fog machine and some animatronic bats that fly above your head, still not scared though, I keep moving while wondering why the hell my sister brought me here until accidentally bumping into an animatronic zombie.

- "EEEek--!"

I cover my mouth and blushed at the thought of getting scared at such a fake-looking animatronic until realizing there's no one around me, I calm down until thinking about it more...

There's no one around here. I just shrug it off as me thinking too deep into it and simply keep walking to the door, this time trying to avoid bumping into more zombie animatronics.

Room 3

Room 3 is where things got intense.

As soon as I open the room I notice how it's a simple bedroom, no "spooky" decoration or anything, just a bedroom. I walk in and the door shuts behind me as the lights break for no apparent reason.

Now that's when I noticed something weird, at that point I just felt complete darkness, I couldn't see or feel anything, and that's what creeped me out, I had never felt that type of darkness before and it creeped me out to no end. And then the hum came around.

I heard it, a low hum, it started out calm but it suddenly grew louder and louder and I didn't know what the fuck caused that hum but it creeped me out to no end, I felt like someone was in that room at the time but how could I tell? At that point I couldn't see my own hand in front of my face!

I started getting more desperate as I felt the hum went from one place to another, it was frantic, like I felt it right next to me and then I felt like he was away, and as the hum travelled I simply heard all these other things in the background that just confirmed his presence, I wasn't going insane.

Then when I thought it couldn't get worse, I felt it, I fucking felt it breathing behind me, I felt his breathing hit my neck and I did a swift movement to turn around right as the lights came on and I saw it.


It was nothing, there wasn't anything in the room but I wasn't going insane, something WAS in the room, the bed is suddenly a mess, the walls are scratched and some drawers have fallen down. At that moment I saw the door, the door with the number 4 etched into it, I didn't see it there when I first entered the room but I saw it and I fucking blasted out of that room as soon as I saw it.

Room 4

I entered Room 4 while shaking, if Room 3 scared me like that, the other room will probably give me a heart attack.

Room 4 seemed normal, but I know that looks can be deceiving by now, it looks like a normal tunnel so far, with the door with a 5 etched on it at the very end. I start walking to the other end carefully, until feeling like i'm getting to the door way faster for just a careful walk, and that's when it struck me.

I'm not approaching the door, the door is approaching me. I take a step back and stand there as the door closes in on me until it sinks in on the wall and traps me in a small square where there's no way out.

- Shit, shit, shit!

I absolutely hate small spaces, so I start kicking and punching and scratching in a panic attack until hearing a voice:

- You shouldn't have come here, Cameron.

I turn around and see a little girl, about 8-years old staring at me with soul-less blue eyes.

- W-Who the fuck are you!? Leave me alone!!

I turn around to stare back at the wall and return to my routine of punching, kicking and scratching, hoping to eventually break down the wall.

- You're not gonna break that.


- That was rude, you know?

And as soon as she said that I felt the walls closing in, they were slowly pushing me back, I turn around and glance at the little girl once more, she wasn't a little girl this time around though.

She was an abomination.

And the walls were slowly pushing me to her, and if she didn't kill me the walls would certainly crush my bones. I get stressed out and start yelling as tears fall from my face, all while still scratching the wall with the slightest bit of hope that it will break down until finally realizing it was the end.

And that was when the wall came down.

The door was right there, number 5 etched on it and everything, I looked back and the abomination wasn't there, it was just the same tunnel from before. At that point I realized this house was simply fucking with me and went through the door.

Room 5

I just wanted to get out of this hellhole, to get out of here as fast as I could, so I didn't even think when I twisted the knob and slammed the door behind me, all I was thinking was "This is Room 5, there are 4 rooms left, i'm getting out of here".

And what did I find? Just a bunch of stairs that lead to the sixth door.

After all I had been through at that point I just dashed upstairs to get to the door, however, as I was getting closer it got farther and farther away and I just kept running. 

But then the hum came back.

That damn hum was there again, following me and just like before it kept on getting louder and louder until I swear I felt it was shaking the room.

Because it was.

The room was shaking because of the loud hum and I felt like I was about to trip and fall, and as I looked back I noticed how I didn't even see the floor below me, it was all just a dark abyss of nothingness, but I kept walking upstairs until finally reaching the door and opening it, only for the hum to suddenly turn into a loud screech and throw me off my balance.

And I tumbled down the stairs.

But I didn't give up, as I tumbled down and down into the abyss I tried to stand up, which became hard for me but eventually managed to regain my balance and stand up for a brief moment, and at that point I was just focused on the door and nothing else, I didn't even care about the hum or how the room was shaking, I just ran upstairs and dashed to the already opened door.

Room 6

I slammed the door behind me and looked at the room I was in, it was an icy area, filled with snow everywhere, it was like I was outside but I was still inside the house, I knew because the floor pattern was still the same as before.

I started walking around and noticed how even though I was in such a snowy area I still didn't feel cold, but I didn't think about it too much, I just kept looking for the door, along the way finding these creepily happy snowmen, and then I found the door except it was covered in ice.

I started thinking about what to do until just giving up and scratching the ice and slowly making my way to the door, and that's when I noticed the cold feeling in my legs.

This part of the room was the only one covered in snow and I was sinking in it. I moved around while panicking and tried to hang on to something but there was nothing in sight I could hold on to.

And the fucking snowmen. All of the snowmen's head just turned around to look at me and formed this creepy smile as I just sunk down into the snow while fighting to survive.

However, after scratching the ice so many times I had made a small hole which I realized I could hang on to, and then the snowmen started sliding across the fucking room trying to get to me.

As they got closer I kept scratching the ice until getting to the knob, which somehow melted the ice. However, twisting the knob was even harder, because it was so hot and the snowmen just kept sliding to me until I got so desperate I started yelling while trying to twist the knob.

And I did it, I didn't even glance at the next room I just dashed the hell out of there and slammed the door behind me.

Room 7

I was out of that snow hell and I moved on to....

Outside of the house!?

I look back at the door behind me and now it doesn't have a number etched on it, but instead it has a sign.

- "Looks like you gave up, feel free to try again any other time!"

It's like the house detected I gave up? I didn't care! I just wanted to go home and take a good shower! Aaaaand that's when I received a text in my phone from my sister.

- "your not out"

And the hum came back, louder than ever before. I started running to my motorcycle and tried to ride it out of there, I had to find the 8th door but I didn't know where the hell it was. And the hum didn't help, as it grew louder the ground started shaking, EVERYTHING started shaking and my motorcycle eventually went out of control and almost crashed with a truck.

The man in the truck along with other people came to check on me but I couldn't hear anything they were saying, everytime they tried to talk all I heard was a loud screech, and the shaking was so strong their skin was peeling off, revealing muscles and bones. 

And that's when I noticed something, all of their skin and clothes had melted except the man who was in the truck, his soccer shirt didn't melt and that's when I realized what I had to do. I ran up to him and pushed him against his truck to turn him around and saw the big "#8" in his shirt, at that point I didn't even care about killing a civilian, I just started punching over and over again until he bled to death and I fell on-top of him and simply started sinking and sinking into what seemed like an endless pool of blood until finally landing on a room.

I got to Room 8.

Room 8

I landed in what seemed like a pretty normal room, I saw the door in front of me and a table with nothing on it, I dashed to the door and tried to open it but it was locked, I still tried opening it until being interrupted by a familiar voice.

- Bro...

- S-Sister!?

I turned around and saw her, she was chained up and her clothes were ripped and dusty.

- S-SIS!

- Bro....Get out of this place!

- Don't worry, we'll get out together, I promise!

Then I saw the knife in the middle of the table, I grabbed it and tried to use it to cut the chains but they were too thick.


- What's going on!?

- That knife is nothing compared to those chains...Listen, only one of us can escape and that has to be you...


- Shut up! .....Look, even if you cut through these chains there's still no way I'd survive, it's either you live or we both die!

- W-What the hell are you talking about!?

- That door is locked, right? And what do you use to open locked doors...?

- K-Keys?

- And now I want you to analyze the situation, with me chained up and the knife on the table....Where do you think that key is?

I almost wanted to puke.

- The key is inside my body, you have to use the knife to cut my chest open!

- N-No....

I curled up into a ball and started rocking back and forth as tears started rushing through my face.

- Look...I know it's hard but you have to live...You have to escape this hellhole!

- N-NO!!

- Please....bro...

I sat there crying for what seemed like ages, that house sure screwed with my sense of time until finally I stood up and realized that if I didn't do this my sister would be stuck in this house of hell for the rest of her life.

- I-I'm sorry...

- It's fine...just dig right in...are you ready?

I clutched the knife in my hand and pointed at my sister's chest while shaking and then I nodded, tears still rushing down my face.

- 3...2...1...GO!!

I stabbed right in and the hum instantly came back, but I didn't care, I just stabbed repeadetly and dug out for that key, I just wanted to get out of this place so I didn't have to stare at my sister's corpse any longer. After a while I finally found the key and rushed in to the door, I opened it and instantly slammed it behind me.

Room 9

I looked at the room I was in: It was just like Room 1 and 2, a pathetic attempt at a haunted house.

I broke down right there, it took me a while before I could stand up and start walking to the other end where I finally opened the door and left.


I was there, standing outside at the lobby, crying like a little baby and I noticed a letter in the reception with my name on it, I opened it and looked at the message.

- "Congratulations! You've beaten the NoEnd House challenge!"

I looked again into the letter and found 500 bucks.

I broke down once again, I can't even describe how I felt at that time. I stood up and stared at my "prize money" and started thinking...

Management Room

I started thinking and reflected back on all the shit I had to go through...I wasn't going to have this shit, I was going to Management Room and fighting back whatever type of monster thought this shit was a good idea.

I tried opening the Management Room but it was locked so I slammed myself against it until it finally broke down and saw the one who ran this crazy hellhole.

It was my sister.

She looked at me and I looked at her and we were simply both stunned.

- I-I...

- *sigh* Hi, bro...

- Y-You!!

- I personally thought it was obvious.

- T-This has to be a joke!

- Sorry Cameron, but this isn't a joke...

- You ran this hellhole....ALL THIS FUCKING TIME! Y-YOU....BASTARD!!

I got down on my knees and started crying even more.

- Look bro, there's a reason why i'm running this place, and it's simple.

- W-WHY!?!

- Someone will always take the lead, always...

I stood up filled with anger.

- That might as well be the shittiest excuse ever!

- You'd never understand.

- You made me go through all that shit...Sorry sis...

I walked up to her slowly.

- But I cannot allow you doing this shit to other people...

I lunged at her and threw my fists at whatever I could hit, I just didn't care anymore, I just wanted to end this shit and get out, go home and cry there. I kept punching left and right until I finally stopped and looked at her, finally she was dead.

I stood up one last time and walked out of the room until noticing the door was locked, and suddenly I felt this weird feeling on my chest and that's when I looked at it....a nametag had appeared in my shirt.


No fucking way.

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