Trip the Portal Master (Reboot)
Full Name Trip
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species  ???
Location  ???
Current Status  ???
Class  ???
E-100 Alpha (Best Friend)

Cyclone (Friend)

Family and Relations
Tabuu (Father)

Portal Master (unknown)

Ability/ies TBRA
Vulnerable To  ???
Voice Actor(s)
Nolan North
First Appearance  ???
Latest Appearance Skylanders: The Apprentice







The Ultimate Skylander

As the Ultimate Skylander, Trip can access one ability from each different SWAP Force Skylander (each fully upgraded), but, as a rule, can only use four at a time (similar to the heroes from Marvel Ultimate Alliance), can only use one of each element, and can only use two of each half (2 top abilities and 2 bottom abilities).

These include:

  • Hoot Loop's Loop the Loop (Both Paths)
  • Trap Shadow's Snap Trap (Trap Trickster Path)
  • Blast Zone's Flame Vision[Breath] (Reaction Satisfaction Path)
  • Fire Kraken's Rising Fountain (The Showcase Path)
  • Freeze Blade's Chakram Throw (Blizzard Blade Path)
  • Wash Buckler's Bladesail (Cutlass Captain Path)
  • Night Shifts's One-Two Punch (Champion Fighter Path)
  • Rattle Shake's Bounce the Bones (Bone Herder Path)
  • Magna Charge's Magneto Ball (Drag Racer Path)
  • Spy Rise's Spyder Blaster (Web Spinner Path)
  • Grilla Drilla's Punchy Monkey (Drilling Punches Path)
  • Stink Bomb's Skunk-fu Stars (The Art of Skunk-fu Path)
  • Doom Stone's Stoney Spin (Serious Spinner Path)
  • Rubble Rouser's Minor Miners (Miner Forman Path)
  • Boom Jet's Mach 1 (Sky Writer Path)
  • Free Ranger's Ride the Wind (Both Paths)

He also has the standard Portal Master powers:

  • Access and use of Portals of Power,
  • Summoning Skylanders.

Finally, whenever he uses a Skylander's power (After he collects his own Soul Gem: Elemental Auras), he automatically summons a temporary elemental aura which has varied effects on him:

  • Magic Aura: Temporary Invisibility.
  • Fire Aura: A fiery shield appears around him, causing fiery damage to anyone nearby
  • Water Aura: A Frigid Mist surrounds him, freezing anybody in range
  • Undead Aura: A black cloud hovers over him, causing a curse to sap the health of any foe in range
  • Tech Aura: Four gears orbit him, then eject themselves away from him, like a projectile.
  • Life Aura: He glows green and recovers some health.
  • Earth Aura: A small sandstorm temporarily blinds enemies near him.
  • Air Aura: A small whirlwind temporarily increases his speed.

However, the Auras can be neutralized by several things:

  • Damage, be it ranged or melee,
  • Spellpunks of the opposite element,
  • Geargolems of the opposite element.


  • Rancid Smells tend to send him running.
  • Geargolems take him down quickly if he isn't careful.
  • He doesn't fare well falling from great heights.
  • Ironically, even though he wields them, he is very susceptible to element damage.

Super Smash Bros. Beta

He appears as DLC in Smash Beta, his move set being much different:

  • B: Flurry. Trip flings forward a mix of Ice Chakrams and Skunk-fu Stars in a rapidfire attack.
  • Smash B: Mind the Miners. Trip catapults a Minor Miner forward, similar to King Dedede's Waddle Dee Throw.
  • Up B: Mach-VI. Using a combination of Ride the Winds, Mach-I, and Magneto Ball, Trip launches himself upward, dragging enemies behind, causing electric damage.
  • Down B: The Grand Entrance. Using a combination of Loop the Loop and Rising Fountain, Trip teleports a short distance forward, reappearing in a flash of magic and an explosion of fireworks.
  • Final Smash: Ultimate Hydra. Combining all of his abilities in one, he summons a massive hydra, which does brutal damage in many ways:
    • Hydra A: Chomps with its heads.
    • Hydra B: Shoots Rising Fountains forward in a rapid fire flurry.
    • Hydra Run: Bulldozes forward, knocking foes into the air.
    • Hydra Jump: Performs a short jump into the air, crushing anyone it lands on.


  • (TBRA)