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Trip Omega
Trip Omega, the Alpha Trip
Full Name Trip Omega
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Human Being
First Appearance  ???

Trip Omega is the first (and currently only) female Trip in the Fantendoverse. When Trip was split into multiple versions after the Shattering, Trip Omega was born on a black moon orbiting a dead planet. As she grew up, she quickly realized she was not the only Trip and set out to become the Alpha Trip, similar to Tr'p but uses the Trips she captures for a unknown purpose.


Trip Omega wears a white sweatshirt with an logo on it. She also has a cape draped around her shoulders and has red sunglasses, this time over her face. She wears baggy pants with a belt tied tight around it, to the point where some of it hangs. She has white hair and two Omega tattoos on her neck and arm respectively.


Born to a unknown set of parents (likely Lock and Palutena's third sister at this rate), Trip Omega was forced to grow up on a harsh wasteland on a black moon. She soon came to realize her powers and discovered the truth of the many Trips dispatched all through the Fantendoverse. She now collects them for her own nefarious purposes, only to be rivaled by Tr'p.


Trip Omega is brash and headstrong, with an obsession of grabbing those she deems Trips (which isn't very hard considering everything). She constantly brags about her collection and is very skilled in battle.




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