Trip Katzenburg
Full Name Trip Katzenburg
Current Age 19
Date of Birth December 13, 1780
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Dhaka, Bangladesh (current)
Current Status Alive
Class Huntsman
Beth Karzenberg, Damyanti, Professor Kushal
Family and Relations
Lucile Charles (mother - dead)
Claus Katzenberg (father - dead)
Beth Katzenberg (sister)
Winston Charles (uncle)
Damyanti (supposed girlfriend)
Professor Kushal (mentor)
Main Weapon(s) Steampunk Arm
Ability/ies Hunting skills
"The Trophy Master"

Trip "The Trophy Master" Katzenburg is a young, German-British huntsman living in Bangladesh, whose parents, Lucile Charles and Claus Katzenberg, have been slaughtered by a Bengal tiger, whom is dubbed as Scartooth. He and his sister Beth also got injured in the tiger's attack, resulting in Trip losing its right arm, and meeting up later a man named Professor Kushal, who traveled to Europe and became obsessed with the industrial revolution. Kushal is the inventor of the steampunk-like arm that Trip has got to replace its lost arm. This is arguably Trip's most prized weapon for combat and hunting.

In a way, this character is another reboot of a character named Trip, created by Arend (tbc).


Before the incident

Scartooth's attack

Meeting up with civilization

Moving to Dhaka

Powers and abilities


Relationships with other characters







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