Full Name Trip
Current Age 3 (since creation), 18 (in appearance)
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Species Hybrid
Location Unknown
Align Ambivalent
Current Status Alive
Class Prince (by technicality)
Family and Relations
Tabuu (technical father)
Main Weapon(s) Subspace and Trophy Energy
Ability/ies TBA
Vulnerable To Unknown
Height Approx. 5.5'
Weight Unknown
The Hybrid, the Fugutive, the Prince of Subspace.
  • Author's Note: "This is the original concept version of Trip I had sitting around in my head for a while; I figured since Trip was a trend, I would bring back the original from the grave, but y'know, less... weird. That's as nice as I'll put it."

Trip, a wandering hermit of the World of Trophies, is a humanoid being formed from a cocktail of different substances (the main composites being the gold of a Trophy Stand and the Fluid that made up Subspace) brought to life by Tabuu's scattered energies; he currently wanders the world of Trophies seeking a purpose.


The Original Substance

When Tabuu was destroyed and Subspace collapsed, not all parts of the dimension totally vanished: a drop of Subspace goop landed on a stray Trophy Base, melting the metal into a pool which mixed and took up debris from the nearby area, forming a humanoid body energized by Tabuu's residual power; quickly gaining consciousness, the being quickly staggered off from its birthing grounds, tripping consistently toward the Ruined Zoo.

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Hiding Out



  • Chains of Light - Although he has yet to tap into this power, Trip (due to Tabuu's residual power inside him) can generate Chains of Light capable of controlling other beings or dishing out a lot of damage.

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  • Mysterious Doll - Though he won't speak about it, Trip carries a strange doll with him as some sort of memento; oddly enough, it resembles Mega Banette in a "zipped-up" state.  (It would later be revealed that this doll was, in fact, a permanently Mega-evolved Banette, sealed away in a strange toy state for unknown purposes)


Being made of Trophy Stand gold and Subspace goo, energized with Tabuu's residual power, Trip's being is bipolar, and his volatile nature can be quite challenging to those who want to approach him. His "good side" consists of an iron will, strong conscience, and a bleeding heart; while his "bad side" consists of insatiable-but-suppressable greed, a consistent voice for violence, and a subconscious thirst for conquest (this is mainly rooted from the fragment of Tabuu's soul left in him).

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