Trip is a 15-year old boy who lives in the planet of GeoTerra, he'll appear in Trip Through the Multiverse.


Trip looks like a normal 15-year old boy for the most part. He has blond hair, green eyes and in terms of physique he looks fairly fit, but not very muscular. Since he's related to the Tabboo he can sprout Tabboo wings and a tail, which looks like a chain with a sharp point.


Trip is usually laidback and calm, however he can aslo be pretty lazy and even arrogant at times, sometimes his friends joke around saying that his laziness is the reason he can't get anymore friends.

However, when Trip gets mad he may go into a rage attack from which even his friends have a hard time snapping him out of.


Trip used to be a normal kid living in GeoTerra until "The Tarot Incident", where a space mission went out of control and ended up in another galaxy with beings known as "Tabboo", who saw the humans as inferior and tracked the origin of the spaceship back to GeoTerra.

Trip was the result of one of the many experiments done on babies while the Tabboo were on GeoTerra, he was injected many different genes, the predominant one being Tabboo genes, he was then dubbed a "Chimera" and sent to a special testing area along with other Chimera Babies.

At age 13 Trip, while still highly unstable due to the Tabboo genes managed to break free before going on a rampage attacking every living thing around him, he was calmed down after a while and taken to a shelter where he quickly befriended Alyssa, Keira, Marcus and Zack, who would eventually join him in a mercenary group named "The J-Wynns"

Now Trip is 15 and while he's still able to contain the Tabboo genes, he's still fairly unstable inside, and this is clearly shown when he gets angry. Whenevr he feels like he's going out of control he injects human genes into himself to keep himself stable.


While in terms of meelee he's not too strong, he can use his Tabboo powers to his advantage, however since he's not a full Tabuu, his powers aren't as strong.

His main power is psychokinesis, he can throw enemies away and steal their weapons, he can also use it to "grab" heavy objects. He can also use his tail, with it he can attack and even briefly control enemies and make them turn on others.

He can also use his wings to glide through the air but he cannot use them to fly due to not being a full Tabbuu.

Another one of his powers, and his most iconic one, is teleportation, he can warp through portals from place to place, though if he's highly stressed it might fail. His teleportation is very limited, he can only teleport to nearby places, so he mainly uses it for combat (doding enemy attacks, attacking from behind, etc.), however, whenever his Tabboo genes go out of control, his teleportation range is expanded even more.

When he's angry, he goes on a destructive rampage and the Tabboo genes go out of control, making him gain powers such as orbs filled with physical energy to cause damage and augmented strength and mind powers.


  • He is a mix of "Trip the Trophy Master" and "Trip the Portal Master"
    • Similarities to Trip the Trophy Master include being related to Tabuu in some way and having abilities similar to his'.
    • Similarities to Trip the Portal Master include teleportation and mind powers.
  • The name of the mercenary group (The J-Wynns) is a reference to one of Trip's many reboots, J-Win.

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