Trip (Meme's Version)
Full Name Taylor "Trip" Gregson
Current Age 17
Date of Birth August 14th, 1997
Gender Male
Species Human
Location New York, New York
Current Status Alive
Height 5,9
Weight 113 pounds
Trip, T.G.
Eye color Brown
Hair color Sandy (regular), strawberry blond (dyed)
Taylor Gregson, or "Trip", is a character originally made by Darth Phazon, who has had many alternate versions of him, this being one of them. He actually lives in the heart of New York, and unlike his original version, he does not have powers or have the power of a Trap Master. His occupation is nerd/cook/bets friend to his, well, best friends.


Since he was 12, Trip had been making home-cooked meals for his friends and relatives, giving him the idea to become a chef. His desire is to make his own restruant to pay for his apartment, car, and his family, who is lacking in money.


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