Trip (Jake)
Trip's basic appearance.
Full Name Trip
Current Age 18 (Physically and mentally)
Date of Birth November 27
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Gender Male
Species God
Current Status Immortal

Trip is the God of Dimensions, and the one who controls the flow of time. Going by the title of "Portal Master", Trip works alongside a team of seven other Gods to oversee the flow of time and dimensions. Trip is infamous among the other Gods for being vain, and cares little for the lives he rules over, acting as if they are characters in a game. He will appear as an antagonist in one of Jake's future projects.


Trip is a tall, black-haired male described by other Gods as handsome. He has dark blue eyes and commonly wears a dark blue hoodie over a light blue t-shirt and a pair of dark purple pants.


Trip is extremely vain, and cares deeply for his appearance. His selfishness causes most males to drift away from him. Many females flock towards him due to his good looks, but those who don't know him to be nothing more than an imbecile and egotistical. Trip does not care for others, and truly believes the the world revolves around him.


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