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Trip (Darth Phazon)

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Trip (Darth Phazon)
Full Name Trip
Current Age Late Teens
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species Portal Master
Class Skylander
Main Weapon(s) Traptanium Execution Blades
Element(s) DarkElement Dark
Voice Actor(s)
Troy Baker
Don't expect me to show mercy!

Trip is an Elite Portal Master Skylander and the first of 10.


Back before the Core of Light was destroyed, Eon trained several replacement Portal Masters in the event that he should be destroyed. Out of the multitudes of candidates, 10 different Portal Masters made the cut:

(More Coming Soon)

Powers & Upgrades

Basic Upgrades
Soul Edge Path
Soul Caliber Path
Soul Gem Ability


  • Trip's upgrade paths are named after the swords from the Soul Caliber series.

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