Trio Masters are an unlockable character(s). You unlock them by playing as all the Pokemon starters 20 times each. There are also know as the Weather Trio. They have the size of Charizard.



Starndered B-Water Breath: Same as Mario's Down B in Brawl. Kirby can do it too, if he copies Kyogre.

Side B-Wind Fins: Kyogre flaps his fins up and down to send shockwaves that will go up to 5 miles.

Up B-Kyogre Twirl: Kyogre spins upwards about 20-35 cm.

Down B-Swich Weather Master: Swiches to Groundon


Standered B-Rock Throw: Groundon tosses a rock at the foes. Kirby can do it too, if he copies Groundon.

Side B-Claws: Groundon slices though one of his foes.

Up B-Super Jump: Groundon jumps 40cm in the air.

Down B-Swich Weater Master: Swiches to Rayquaza


Standered B-Tail Whip: Rayquaza slices his tail into the ground. Kirby is incablable of doing it too, if Rayquaza is copied first.

Side B-Quick Attack: Rayquaza zooms past his foes.

Up B-Fly: Rayquaza flies in the air for 6-8 seconds.

Down B-Swich Weather Master: Swiches to Kyogre

Final Smash-Trio Master Finale: The three do a powerful attack each. First, Kyogre uses a water gun to blow away his foes and send them flying. Then, Groundon cost an earthquake that sends the foes flying even higher. Finally, Rayquaza uses his huge wave to send the foes flying the highest of all the attacks.

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