Trinity: Power of Three is the first instalment in the Trinity series and was developed by Nano Studios and released by Nintendo on 22nd of July 2016 in Japan and on the 5th of August worldwide. It was released on multiple platforms, including the Wii U, 3DS, PS4 and the XBOX One.

The world is split into five separate lands: Skylands, the Outback, the Cerulands, the Swamplands, the Sea of Sands and the World Centre. However, the world is falling into imbalance, with the Skylanders becoming jealous of the Outbacker's immense power compared to the other lands. It gets worse when Ba'al, a tyrannical dictator with death-related powers, scatters the Eight Crystals of Balance, which sends the world into disarray. Terah, Myles and Oya are all each equipped with rings bounded to them because they are the Triquetra of Realms, a group of people tasked with restoring balance, and are assigned with collecting all the Eight Crystals of Balance and defeating Ba'al, even during the possibility of incoming war between the lands.




The world had been split into three differing lands: the Skylands, a free-spirited community who lived on floating yet ancient cities in the sky, the Outback, a rocky and animal-filled society that were achieving many advancements for their land, the Cerulands, an island-based community who lived by the shores in peace. There was also the World Centre, an advanced city which was the most populous city in the World and considering it was bound to no land, it was where the most important Peace conferences were held.

However, there were two more lands that remained unclaimed: the Sea of Sands, and No-Mans Land. The Sea of Sands was a seemingly endless desert that was as hot as it was difficult to navigate. And the No-Mans Land was unclaimed due to it being essentially a dark and mysterious blob on the world map, which was slowly inching closer to the other lands.

The major belief in the world is that there are three spirits, each one representing one of the three fundamental realms of nature: the Land, the Sea and the Sky.  Each of these spirits are inside three people who are known as the Masters, who have unlimited control over everything to do with the concept of land, sea and sky, and each time that person dies, the spirits are reincarnated into new people. Their role is to keep the Eight Crystals of Balance from falling into disarray, which are enchanted items that, when imbalanced, can have catastrophic consequences, such as constant fierce waves.





Character Description
Terah 2
Terah Redstone is the first member and the second-oldest of the Triquetra and the Master of the Land. She is the eccentric and goofiest member, trying to look on the bright side of the situation no matter what. Terah, honest and slightly gullible, is the extroverted leader of the group. She's more outgoing and excitable than the others, always ready to help and adores being the leader. Unlike the others, she relies far less on her powers, riding from and to places via Redstone Cyclone (her motorcycle that automatically adapts to the terrain it drives on) although she still uses them prominently.

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Oya 2
Raised as the princess of the Skylands, Oya Gale is the second member and the oldest of the Triquetra and the Master of the Sky. She is free-spirited and adventurous, with a longing for a sense of adventure with a streak of rebelliousness. However, along with that rebelliousness comes her hot-headed and impetuous nature, she is scrappy, always getting into fights with people and getting into many different arguments that land her and the other members in bad situations.

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Myles 3
Cautious and soft-spoken, Myles Reed is the third and youngest member of the Triquetra and the Master of the Sea. He is more logic-oriented than the other members, reluctant to do anything with a high probability of failure or to step out of his comfort zone. Unlike Oya and Terah, who were both raised in their power's homeland (Skylands and the Outback, respectively), Myles was adopted and raised in the World Centre, far away from Ceruland, his powers' origins. This hindered his ability to connect spiritually to the Sea slightly and therefore he struggles more than the others when using his powers, giving him an inferiority complex.

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  • Trinity: Power of Three is planned to be the first game in an upcoming series, with the second game rumored to be based around the Triquetra's origins and the bonds between the group being tested.
  • The Cerulands (pronounced seh - roo - lands)  named so because people born there are called Ceruleans, which is a type of blue. Blue relating to the lands immense amount of water.
  • In the original plan for the game, the characters were extremely different.
    • Oya was originally calm-minded and free-spirited, and was the voice of reason amongst the group. Her personality was changed after her and Myles' personalities seemed too similar. Oya has changed the most out of the three from the original idea in terms of personality.
    • Terah, under her original name Belle Reed, was supposed to be the Master of the Sea and Myles was the Master of the Land, but this was tweaked later. Myles ended up taking her last name Reed and becoming Master of the Sea. She used to also be the normal, yet slightly brash one before Oya was tweaked to be the brash one. Terah, therefore, was tweaked to be the most outgoing and goofy one.
    • Myles is the only member who has changed the least from the original idea. However, he used to be quieter and sadder.


  • Myles's design was partially based off of the Waterbenders' from Avatar: The Last Airbender, mostly the colour scheme and his legs/shoes.
  • Oya's design was mostly original, although her updated design was incorporated some design aspects from Wind Dancer- a Marvel superhero who could also manipulate air.