Trinallo's Appearance
Full Name Trinallo the Chief
Current Age 41
Gender Male
Species Hunaston
Align Chaotic-Neutral
Current Status Alive
Class Tribal Chief
Main Weapon(s) Venom Sac

Jaw Power

Feet Claws

Ability/ies Night Vision
Height 2.92m
Weight 175kg
Sexuality Heterosexual
Trinallo is a large Male Hunaston Tribal Chief from the planet, Erendaia. He is known as the Alpha Tribal Chief with several lesser Tribal Chiefs being his own offspring and his prowess in combat rivaled by none of his species. He has a distinct red body colour which has become synonymous for the species with his power.


Trinallo being a Tribal Chief means that he has displayed great qualities of leadership both in internal and external affairs. He is extremely brutal to those who betray him with a part of the planet known as Death's Gulch being where he tends to kill most of those whom betray him. In addition as a Tribal Chief he challenges all of his sons to combat when they turn 15 (the adult age of Hunastons) and so far none have succeeded in usurping his position.

Trinallo acts also as the governing head of all tribes, ensuring that arguments between the smaller tribes is kept from reaching a breaking point and is surprisingly fair in this regard. He is accepting of bribery and will even give his own food supply to make two tribes keep peace.

Trinallo leads his hunting parties across his lands to gather food and hunt prey, Trinallo and his tribe are the only tribe on the planet known to have taken down a Besano, a giant 8 legged Elephant-esque looking creature that can breathe fire out of its trunk. The skull actually acts as the gate to his tribe's main village due to its massive size.


Trinallo like most Male Hunastons has a large, elongated body. Able to stand on his hind legs when not moving at high speeds, Trinallo towers over the rest of his tribe by nearly a whole foot and a half. His back is covered in armoured plating to protect him from ambushes and his two horns twist backwards, something that occurred due to him ramming a Lezal (a medium-sized herbivore) when he was very young. Like other Hunastons his hands hare hidden beneath large flaps of skin that can excrete venom from them in close combat.

He also has long legs with orange stripes on the back of them as well as two clawed feet that are capable of digging through even the toughest hide. His neck is protected by a special film the males create during their youth, the film allows their neck to become as hard as carbon but as flexible as the rest of their bodies.


Trinallo like other Hunastons has four distinct abilities; Venom Sacs in its hands, its incredible jaw power, its powerful feet claws and its night vision. The Venom Sacs in its hands create a venom so potent it can permanently blind a creature if exposed to anything more than 0.05ml of it. The Venom Sacs are useless against other Hunastons however as they are naturally immune to the venom. His incredible jaw power allows Trinallo like most Hunastons to break through bone making it the most powerful part of their physique as it is also the only way to break another Hunaston's back (by the species itself. The creatures large two-clawed feet not only allow it to hold its prey in place but also slash through hide with incredible power, the legs themselves also provide the creature with an admirable jumping distance allowing it to reach great heights in a single bound. Lastly like all adult Hunastons, Trinallo has night vision, necessary for when it is hunting prey during the night as the planet can get completely obscured by sunlight by the gas giant between it and the sun.


Trinallo's history is rather minimal due to the species' overall having a low intelligence and only significant aspects of Trinallo's life being recorded. What is known is that Trinallo around the age of 13 killed his own father by tearing off his own father's leg causing the elder Hunaston to bleed out. Trinallo then chased off his brothers and took over as the new Tribal Chief. During Trinallo's early years he made huge pushes to expand his territory southward where he suspected better prey would be found. Around the time he was 22 Trinallo along with his now greatly increased Tribe attacked and took down the aforementioned Besano, during this time one of his brothers, Riori returned and attempted to steal the fallen Besano as his own, however Trinallo used the surroundings to push Riori over a cliff now known as Death's Gulch.

Trinallo would later begin dealing with several of his more ambitious brothers, taking them down to ensure his tribe's security. He made a pact with his remaining brothers, his sons and his brothers' sons to create a sort of union of peace among the tribes around the age of 31 and divided the land they had all found up according to each Tribal Chief's power and stake of claim, the focal point of this meeting became known as the Carved Stone due to Trinallo using one of his killed brother's horns to carve the territories out. From that point forward the tribes made an agreeement that offspring's terrtirories could be usurped once by the father and not by any other to ensure that the Tribe's claim of land was shared. Eventually most of the Mega Continent was covered in tribal groups and a new rule when Trinallo was 38 was made that stated that sons and fathers would compete in an unclaimed patch of land for the right to a tribe, the fights had to be to the death as Trinallo ordered the ceasement of new Tribes forming.


  • Trinallo's blue eye is rather distinct from most Hunastons who more commonly have Green, Lime or Yellow Eyes
  • Trinallo actually has a third stripe on his upper body although not visible due to it being beneath the carbon film around his neck
  • Trinallo is commonly mistaken for having a tail where in fact the last segment of his armour is naturally longer