Firefly Helmet

Firefly Helmetless

The Lady Of Tomorrow
Full Name Firefly


Not much is known about Firefly except for the fact that she was born in sweden and has a history of crime. She has gone under many false ailiases such as Faust Alas(subtle) Alligator Dundai and Kanye East. Her biggest heist was also her last as she stole an experimental set of armour with a built in hard light gravity propulsing "wings" that allows temporary flight


Firefly is an odd mix between support,assassin and damage roles. Her rod gun can do high damage at long ranges due to reverse fall-off and even higher on headshot but she is more suited to goading enemies into power class fire or for disabling drones and other fireflies. She works best in conjunction with high-damage fighters who can keep up with her like Vince,Tessa and to an extent Akira.


Rod Gun

A 4-shot modified crossbow that fires electrical rods,they can stun enemies for a short bit allowing firefly to go in for the kill,they do medium damage but can 1-shot most light classes upon a headshot.

EMP Rifle

The EMP Rifle does piss-poor damage but can disable enemy firefly's wings and all drones. This weapon is more of a support weapon to be used in conjunction with a power class to take out enemy fireflies/drones.

Tazer Baton

a stunning melee weapon. It does the least melee damage out of all classes but also has the highest stunrate.


Name Info
Default N/A

Firefly's basic armour

Dragonfly 30 Credz

A more militarized version of the original firefly prototype,featuring a completely new helmet

Serenity 150 Credz

Firefly's armour is now jet black and she wears a pilot jacket over it,she now wears goggles and a mouth piece instead of her usual helmet.

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