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Developer(s) Simple Studios

TriggerBound is a team-based first-person shooter multiplayer video game developed by Simple Studios for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Infinity, and V2. The game will release in an unannounced date.  


In the year of 20AA,the Chaos TV Network were in trouble,view numbers were at an all-time low and the board knew that the CEO would have their heads fi this didn't change soon. They tried everything they could think of,reality TV,renewing the 1000th season of The Sompsins but nothing worked. Eventually they decided to use illegal cloning technology to create a bloodsport show,TriggerBound. They quickly took to the black market to obtain the resources needed to build enough cloning machines and to find people murderous enough to enter the show. While they got a lot weirder cast than they expected, they made good use of them and created the Bloodsport show that saved CTVN.


The game itself revolves around two teams battling in a variety of game modes set in different environments or maps, often with a factory-warehouse theme.

Players can choose to play as one of eleven character classes in these teams, each with his or her own unique strengths, weaknesses, and weapons. The basic elements, that being one primary weapon, one secondary weapon, and one melee weapon.

Bounty Leaderboard

There is a daily leaderboard of the top-scoring players known as the Bounty Leaderboard. The top 10 players on the Bounty Leaderboard are marked with a bounty symbol above their heads, killing them gives you bonus points on the bounty leaderboard depending on how high they are on the board. The top 3 players at the end of the day are given a special Bounty skin for their most-played class.

Team ATB

In-universe, Team ATB are a team of escaped clones who want to shut down Triggerbound by killing the producers and interfering in the matches. Every week a gamemode will be selected to be "Invaded" by Team ATB in which a random number of tough AI bots will appear to try and kill both teams in an attempt to cause the match to end in a stalemate. Whoever kills the ATB will gain special gun skins depending on who they killed them as and bonus points on the leaderboard.


If you want to know about the weapons, go here.


CTF/Capture The Flag

A FPS necessity. It is a 2 team gamemode in which each team has a flag(usually near their spawn) and the enemy team must capture it and bring it to their flag a certain number of times.

TDM/Team Deathmatch

another FPS classic gamemode,Your team must kill the enemy team a certain number of times to win


One player on each team is randomly chosen to be the VIP. They can only use their melee weapon and have half of their normal health. If they die nobody on their team respawns anymore. The goal is to take out the enemey VIP and his team afterwards while protecting your own


Arguably the most complicated of TB's gamemodes. The rules vary from map to map but the basics are that there is a large amount of items that are contained within an area. You must use tools or xXx_Skill_xXx to obtain them for your team.



Legend Meaning
CTF Capture the Flag
HST Heist
TDM Team Deathmatch

Available Maps

Map Name Type Description
TB Coliseum CTF A basic CTF map. The map is compromised of a circular area with crowds of CP-TP units cheering in the stands. There are some secret paths under the arena.
Happy Acres Shopping Mall HST The goal of HASM is to collect the parts of the "doorbell"(a large automated ramming device) in order to open the vault,once the vault is open you must pick up as much gold as you can before the enemy gets there, when the vault is opened the 2 turrets are activated for 10 seconds for the openers team, attacking any enemies that come close. Added in the Shellshock update.
California Comic Compilation Convention VIP Set in an outdoor comic book convention, 4C acts as a parody of the MOBA genre. The stage itself is a simple maze of rows of shelves of comics, and each team's spawn point continuously spawns creeps. These creeps are simple cardboard cutouts, which attack enemies that they find. However, they do no damage normally, and only 1 damage on a crit.
Last Stop TDM Two Subway Stations connected by a hallway, the map is often used in competitive due to its small map design and lack of stage hazards besides the trains on the subwaytracks.
Estates CTF EA modified version of the first ever Counter-Strike map, Estate. The main change is that there are now 2 estates (one for each team) and that the map in general is bigger.


Character Description
Vince Vince got his legs modified using advanced robotic parts, this gives him his better speed, his higher jumps and his ability to glide down from said jumps. He's equipped with a double barrelled shotgun, a pistol and a knife.
Tag A mage who uses magic spray-paint cans to create portals around the map.
A fire demon from the Whdiaklz Dimension with pyrokinetic powers, he uses his pyrokinesis to burn enemies and his book of Illbeia to boost the damage of himself and other members of his team. He's equipped with pyrokinesis, book of Illbeia and claws.
Norman Norman was an exiled mercenary from whatever planet he's from, he ended up crashing on one of the auditioners and shot another one out of self-defence so we signed him up. In terms of playstyle hes good for beginner since he plays the most like an arena shooter. He uses a rail gun, a SMG and a pipe iron.
Joshua Joshua is a technomancer, he is able to build several robot types and grenades for which he and his fellow team-mates to use,these include a attack drone, a healing drone, a supply drone and a sabotage drone, each drone has 50 health and are about half the size of firefly, they can be stunned by Firefly's EMP Rifle. His main weapons are his technomancer staff and his energy 6-shooter
Cooper A fugitive mental patient/hunter who sees all enemies as animals. He can use his sniper rifle to kill enemies from afar. He can use a weak, malfunctioning recon drone to spy on enemies.
Akira A Japanese swordsman. he mostly focuses on melee combat. He carries a crossbow, a throwing kunai which causes bleeding and a katana.

Firefly Helmet


A Swedish thief who stole from a lab containing a jetpack + armour, she uses this in conjunction with her rod gun, EMP rifle and tazer on a stick to stun her enemies, mess up contraptions and other stuff. She is able to fly up for a short amount of time before her jetpack has to recharge.
Ace A genetically enhanced and expertly trained dog, he is armed with his mobile turret, a supply carrier and his jaws, he can also sniff out enemies by sniffing their corpses.
Juggernaut A powerful robot armed with deadly tools, he can only be spawned 2 minutes into a match and only one per team can be used, if he dies the team must wait 2 more minutes for him to be playable again, he is armed with a large assault rifle, his HE-round shotgun and rocket punches.
Tessa A teenager from California. Not content being a stereotypical valley girl cheerleader, Tessa began working as a mechanic, and eventually developed skills with electromagnetic fields. Her weapons include a pistol similar to Vince's, a tesla coil rifle that acts similar to Halo's focus rifle, and an electromagnetic field device, which enables her to create a field of electricity that reflects bullets.
Son Time As his name says, he is the son of Father Time. A Hip And Radical Dude who is able to create time fields where time is slowed. He can use his pocket watch to speed up him and people around him.
cróimiam A hyper-intelligent AI built in ireland that now inhabits a robotic body. She can use her tabs to heal allies,damage enemies or create barriers to block off chokepoints. She can use her cursor to build bridges or grapple across the map.


Triggerbound:Source Era

In 2009, a mod for Half-Life 2 came into existence known as TriggerBound: Source, the original beta was only played by some but from what can be gathered it was built as a mix between TF2 and MOBAs like League of Legends or DOTA, a whole 6 years before Overwatch would try something similar. Most of the characters seen within the current incarnation were the same though reports and gameplay videos show that Ace was often tweaked and even removed at one point because he had rather hard-to-hit hitboxes. This was eventually nerfed for good by giving him the least health out of all the classes. Notably missing from the game were Juggernaut and Tessa though Juggarnaut was planned but was too hard to code in the source engine.

Not much else is known about the beta of Triggerbound: Source but the normal source game can still be played and there is even a special skin for Ace's Turret if you get to a secret area in the Source game's first map CTF_Coliseum.

Retail edition era

TriggerBound was announced on November 23, 2014 along with Kai The Knight. At the 2014 Fantendo Holiday Showcase - Fusion Studios Presentation, Fusion Studios revealed more info including some maps and the classes. The classes and maps were similar to ones in TF2 and many people began to compare the two FPSes.

On January 15, 2015, Fusion Studios announced that they are revamping the game due to all of the backlash from the similaritiees of TF2. They also announced that Pyro Enterprizes will be co-developing the game.

On July 2015 it was announced that Simple Studios will be taking over development of TriggerBound after Fusion Studios closed in March 2015.


On the 17th of April 2016, Simple Studios announced that they would be releasing 12 shorts for each of the characters in TriggerBound that would showcase their abilities and explain their origins.

Wait 12? Aren't there only 10 characters in Trig-


Quod ignis semper succensus
dicunt non posses facere dicunt enim et non fecit


  • January 3rd 2016
    • Added "Firecracker" Legendary Skin for Rail Gun.
    • Fixed bugs such as clipping issues on CTF_Estates and an exploit that allowed users to enter enemy spawn on HST_HASM


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