SPLASHTALK: Story Mode for Trifectal Individuals is the story mode for Trifecta: Multiverse Fighters. When VILLAGER is kicked out of town for not paying the rent, they gotta find somewhere else to stay. During a boat cruise gone wrong, Villager washes up on a floating island called TRIFECTA and a threat called THE BRIAR.


The story opens with VILLAGER receiving another bill. They simply toss it away as TOM NOOK gets out of a trash can, proclaiming that they knew that Villager wouldn't pay it. They then start tossing bills at Villager, initiating a battle.

TomNookACaF Alt

After defeating Tom Nook, Villager comes up against Timmy and Tommy who pull out baseball bats, making Villager run for the docks.



Villager goes to the docks and steals a boat, heading away from the town. It's smoothing sailing until big waves appear, and SPLASH WOMAN appears and attacks Villager's boat. Villager attempts to fight back, initiating a battle.


Splash Woman is defeated, but the victory is short as a giant wave covers Villager's boat. Villager's eyes close and the screen goes black. Villager awakens on a island, without their boat. They look behind to realize they're on a floating island!



Villager walks around for a bit, finding that the island is actually fairly well off, with a tropical 80s themed restaurant, two gyms, quite a couple of apartment complexes, and some other shops. Villager wonders what the deal is with the two gyms and heads into find WII FIT TRAINER teaching MARIO, ROSALINA, and KIRBY. Villager watches as the four exercise and then heads over to the other gym before Wii Fit Trainer stops her.

She claims the other gym is just nonsense and that Villager shouldn't even bother. Villager shrugs and heads over to the other gym, meeting ZUMBA FITNESS TRAINER, LUIGI, GRENINJA, and PRINCE FLUFF. Zumba Fitness Trainer states that Wii Fit Trainer should loosen up a bit. Villager decides they don't really care for exercising at the moment.

Villager heads to the apartment complex where she meets SHANTAE, who tells her that the apartments are free. Villager shrugs and takes the keys and settles in for a bit when she sees a black cloud in the distance. Villager darts out from her apartment and the dark cloud spews out KRACKO. Mario, Rosalina, and Kirby join Villager as they battle Kracko.

KSSU Kracko

Villager, Mario, Rosalina, and Kirby watch as the cloud heads away. Villager asks what the cloud was about, with the three having no idea. Kracko's body leaves an X behind.



Villager is wondering where the hell these bosses are coming from, becoming frustrated as the answer becomes more and more nonsensical. They come from the sky? That makes no sense! Villager decides to head towards the more vague areas of the floating island that they know about but nobody else seems to. Wii Fit Trainer stops them and Villager explains. Although skeptical, Wii Fit Trainer agrees to tag along.

The two find nothing as they head into a patch of woods, however they do seem to get along pretty well as they chat about inane nonsense. Suddenly, something rumbles. Villager and Wii Fit Trainer prepare themselves as a GIANT SALARYMAN rolls down the mountain.


The two battle him, knowing that something is up, but not sure what. They return to the town and watch the sunset go down as the two drink martinis.



Villager is proved right when it comes to their suspicions: there is definitely someone behind this. A woman in a low cut slit dress with pink hair carrying a metal staff appears from the clouds one morning, addressing the denizens of Trifecta.

"We are the Briar, and we are here to take what the player dutifully owes us. Freedom."

Villager, Mario, Kirby, Rosalina, and Wii Fit Trainer head out to attack her but she sends out a dolphin to attack for her, knocking them way the hell back. As they struggle to get up, a team of Zumba Fitness Trainer, Luigi, Greninja, Prince Fluff, and Shantae go up against her.

The Countess unleashes a flurry of powerful attacks that knock the group back. It looks hopeless as she walks towards the town only to be punched by a mysterious caped figure. As she gets up, the figure is revealed to be SAITAMA. He prepares for another punch only for the Countess to attack with the dolphin attack again, stunning him by surprise. Saitama wonders how she has such immense power to even do that but it's not time for questions as she opens up a portal. MOSQUITO GIRL comes out from the portal.


Saitama battles the Countess as the group gets on their feet again and battles Mosquito Girl. As they beat her, the Countess fiercely shouts and another portal opens up...





CHAPTER ?: oK, let's talk about the story in a summary

So I never got around to finishing this, and I was planning a sequel on the lapis wiki- that hasn't been touched in a while since this NEVER got finished. shit's gonna keep me up at night thinking about it. I might add THIS game to Infinite Content and work on it since that program is SERIOUSLY increasing my productivity in ways i never even imagined when i started but enough chit chat.

So this game. This has one of my favorite villain designs I've ever done next to The Threat and Mistress of Weird- The Countess. As the Countess kind of keeps implying, she sees beyond the fourth wall and wants to take control away from the player. As the story would have progressed, eventually everyone would have been collected into a weird arena and a tournament of sorts would begin. Villager and Wii Fit Trainer know SOMETHING's off, but they don't really know what it is exactly that has them so damn puzzled. As they both have this same kind of realization, they begin to team up and actually start a romantic relationship during the middle of the story- the pretense is dropped and it's not even saved for the climax- right after Villager takes a blow for Wii Fit Trainer, the two realize their feelings and kiss.

The tournament itself is messed up. I never introduce death in my stories, but this game kills a lot of the cast in this story. In some seriously messed up executions too. Luigi gets crushed by a Thwomp and is repeatedly squished until he's a gory mess. Kirby gets chopped to bits by a mind-controlled Meta Knight and it's implied that his pink chunks are served to the fighters later that night. The Countess is laughing as this all happens and it's seriously fucked. It doesn't matter who wins or loses in this game; The Countess actually has a list of characters she wants to see die in order. If someone's winning that isn't supposed to, she'll cheat the fight, take control of fighters herself. This happens during gameplay. The player will be fighting and then suddenly, control is wrest from them and Mario purposefully stops fighting so the opponent can beat him and kill him.

So, after all this, and it's down to a couple of paltry fighters, one of which is Saitama who can't be killed no matter how hard the Countess actually tries- nobody can actually beat him and he's more often than not used for executions because of his immense strength- he actually becomes insane and he starts beating himself up. He looks fucking rough. He cannot die. His body physically won't allow him to do that, and it comes down to the execution of Wii Fit Trainer and Villager. Suddenly, everything stops. Homura shows up and begins to explain things. Wii Fit Trainer and Villager are already dead. Everything in this world was created from the mind of the Countess, who has been using bits and pieces of other worlds, dead copies, to craft this one.

This makes no sense to the two initially, but Homura explains that they are dead- at least in the Lapisverse. They can actually be brought back as it's only been mere seconds before their deaths, although Homura explains that she was tampering with power she wasn't supposed to be fooling around with. This being the Briar, a multiverse spanning evil that has been working in the background of several other worlds. Homura attempted to fight it, but it possessed her and fed off her negative feelings towards Wii Fit Trainer- who she killed alongside villager using a shock. Homura becomes extremely regretful of her actions and attempts to kill herself by stabbing herself in the chest, although can only make a single stab before The Countess takes control of her, killing Wii Fit Trainer and Villager. Homura does bleed out though, unknown to the Countress who loses control of her as she passes onto "the next world".

The game ends with a sequel hook, which was why I was working on Parabola. Parabola would have been about Homura's attempts to get them back into the Lapisverse, the land of the living, the other side of the mirror, as well as defeating The Briar's form of the Countress. She would have needed to do this with the help of Kurisu Makise, Towa, and Board James, and would have appeared to be the villain before revealing her actual plan to save the three of them and return, as well as defeating the Briar. Maybe I'll go more into specifics about that if I work on it or it keeps me up at night.

Anyway, this story would have been... batshit insane, I realize, but it's totally different from what I was doing in the past and would have been a way to ironically keep the Lapisverse still alive- dealing with the possibility of their deaths and trying to prevent it. This was part of a bigger plan of which was hinted at with MOTHER V, Shantae V, Exoverse, etc. I do plan on going back to that larger story, but who knows exactly when...

Anyway, that's all I got to say for now.