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Multiverse Fighters is developed by NinRMAX.


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Playable Characters


Picture Character Name Character Info Ultimate Attack
250px-Mario SSB4
Mario Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario! He can punch foes, throw fireballs, use his cape... He also carries an assortment of power-ups. Expect to see bells, leaves, feathers, and even flowers with multiple heads.

Golden Tanooki Mario

250px-Rosalina SSB4
Rosalina Protector of the Cosmos, Rosalina! And her partners, the Lumas. Her and Luma have a attack connection. They will use the same moves at the same time, with only minor alterations. Rosalina can also use her powers over space to defy gravity. Power Star
Pianta From Isle Delfino, Piantas! Uses the power of your tree, power, Pianta Dance, groundpound, and Shine Sprites to battle. He also has an entire empire at his heels, too... o_o' Shine Sprite Power
Kirby garridk
Kirby Kirby, from the Console Games. We have a plan for his Handheld Counterpart. But he has attacks just like the Smash Ability. He wields the Cutter, Sword, Stone, and Hammer Copy Abilities. Ultra Sword
250px-Mega Man SSB4
Mega Man The Blue Bomber, Megaman! He has a large variety of special attacks from Megaman 1-7 and the Capcom vs games, including Metal Blade, Leaf Shield, Magnet Blade, Super Arm, and Fire Storm. Generation Beam
Villager Villager from Animal Crossing returns! We had to seperate his evil killer counterpart, and we decided to give him his Alt Design for his main one. Why? Cause it looks awesome. And creepy. Dream Home
Alpha Alpha, a user from TOME. He has his fighting skills, as well as thunder and other abilities based off of mythology. He also wields the mysterious Forbidden Power's forces. So log into battle and defeat your foes! Demon Alpha
Pikachu The mascot of Pokemon, the Electric Mouse, Pikachu! He has Quick Attack, Iron Tail, Agility, and, most importantly, his Electric Type attacks - ranging from Thunder to Volt Tackle to even... Nuzzle? Volt Tackle
Little Mac Little Mac from Punch Out. He is a force to be reckoned with on ground, yet extremely vulnerable in midair. He also has the 1-hit kill, the KO Uppercut. Slightly overpowered, but comes in handy when in trouble. Giga Mac
Ice climbers
Ice Climbers The Ice Climbers climb into battle! This dynamic duo proves strength in numbers is a force to be reckoned with! They wield their hammers, and utilize their teamwork and climbing abilities in fights. Iceberg
Dipper & Mabel Dipper and Mabel use mysteries from Gravity Falls, and a Grappling Hook, for their attacks. Rumble McSkirmish
Donkey Kong garridk
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong. He has abilities from Country Return Games and others. Along with some things from other games. Boss KO
Pit Servant of the Goddess of Light, Pit is an angel. Naturally, being so, he fights extremely well in air. He uses a large armory of weapons - claws, blades, palms, and more - when he enters the fray. Three Sacred Treasures
Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit Trainer! She has her Wii Fit like attacks. Enough said. Wii Fit (Attack)


Picture Name Character Info How to Unlock Ultimate Attack
250px-Bowser SSB4
Bowser The King of the Koopas. Bowser. He attacks with fire, his shell, his fist, and groundpounding. Win 5 Games as Mario Giant Bowser
250px-Luigi SSB4
Luigi The brother of Mario, Luigi! He as thunder, ice, other abilities, and he can jump higher. Win 10 Games as any Mario Character Poltergust 5000
Pink Gold Peach The chatroom had a vote of which Peach should get in. Guess who won? She can attack with her metal fist, frying pan, vegetables she pulls out of the ground, and more. Win 10 Games as Rosalina Peach Beam
Toad Toad, one of the main 4 Playables for Super Mario Bros 2, and one of the main 5 for 3D World. How could we not put him in? Win 30 Games as Pink Gold Peach Toad Army
Bowser Jr/Shadow Mario Bowser Jr! Son of Bowser, and he can transform into Shadow Mario. Shadow Mario has a similar moveset to Mario along with throwing paint. Bowser Jr has a moveset involving Bob-Ombs, and shells. Play 45 Games as Bowser Koopa Clown Car
Metaknight The leader of the Halberd, wielder of Galaxia, Metaknight! He can fly, slash, and his Ultimate Attack is from Super Star and Super Star Ultra. Win 10 Games as Kirby Knight's Fury
King Dedede garridk
King Dedede The king of Mt. Dedede and one of Kirby's villains. He has his hammer, flying, inhaling, and other attacks. Win 10 Games as any Kirby Character Grand Hammer
Prince Fluff Kirby's friend from Patchland. When it was under attack by Yin Yarn, Kirby and Prince Fluff saved it. So Prince Fluff was invited to join the battle, for having a worthy moveset. Win 15 Games as Kirby Tankbot
Kirby (3DS Era) Kirby from Triple Deluxe! He can still inhale, but he cannot steal powers so he isn't a clone. He has his Archer, Circus, and Beetle attacks. And he is shorter so he isn't just Kirby's design. Win 20 Games as any Kirby Character Hypernova
KRtDL Waddle Dee-1-
Bandana Dee The strongest of all Waddle Dees. Thanks to his spear. He can fly around with it also. Play 20 Games with Kirby (3DS) Waddle Dee Army

The sword wielding TOME user, Kirbopher! His moveset has his Enchanted Sword, Spin Slash, Ice Knives, Dust Tornado, and Shock Wave.

Play 25 Games as Alpha Critical Hit Combo
Gamecrazed Gamecrazed. One of the Main 5 Characters of TOME. His moveset has Shadow Slash, Dark Bomb, Black Hand, and Violet Thorn. Play 30 Games as Kirbopher Crazed Takeover
Rockoon Rockoon, the Hacker from TOME. His attacks are Bombs, Bomboulders, Mining, and Tail Twister. Play 30 Games as Kirbopher or Gamecrazed Hacking
250px-Charizard SSB4
Charizard What is known to be the best Pokemon, Charizard! The Fire and Flying type Pokemon. He can fly and use Fire Type Attacks and other attacks. Play 50 Games Mega Charizard X
571Zoroark Zoroark Who needs Lucario or Mewtwo when you have Zoroark? He attacks with Dark Type Attacks, illusions, and others. Play 30 Games as Charizard Mega Shadow Ball
Greninja The best of the Final Evolutions of Pokemon X and Y's Starters. He attacks with Water Type Attacks, and Ninja like abilities. Play 30 Games as Zoroark Night Slash
Sceptile Well, we have Charizard and Greninja. So why not throw in a Grass Type from one of the best generations? Sceptile! He has his speed, Energy Ball, Grass Type Attacks, and more. Play 20 Games as Charizard and 20 as Greninja Mega Energy Ball


Picture Character Name Character Info Ultimate Attack
Aiva Opel Koopa The princess of electricity. She is one of the tallest koopalings, fastest, and one of the strongest. She originated from the Super Sponge Bros. series and the Abel Koopa series. Thunder Shell Dash

Assist Characters

Picture Assist Information How Common
Metal Mario walks around the stage punching players and groundpounding. Common
369px-Tome doubling by kirbopher15-d4gach7
Doubling splits up into fist and sends them at foes. After he sends out the fist, he vanishes. Common
Knuckle Joe runs around the stage punching and kicking players. After awhile he vanishes. Rare
Doc Robot takes the ability of one of 4 Robot Masters. Metal Man, Wood Man, Gutsman, or Snakeman. Then he uses there ability, and vanishes after a little bit. Rare
Nabbit! He runs around the stage attacking players and stealing items. Common


Picture Stages and Hazzards Information How to unlock
Battlefield, the place for a true battle. 3 Platforms, and some ground. There are no hazzards. Starter
Final Destination. Battle between the Sun, and Earth on a platform rotating around both. Starter
The Smash Bros Arena! You can jump off the ropes and smash the light to harm foes. It also becomes the Punch Out World Championship too. Starter
Mk7rainbowroad12 19 11610
Rainbow Road! It's a stage that moves around while you ride a platform. Shy Guys come in Karts as hazzards. Starter
Bowser's Castle. This stage takes place in two areas. One is filled with lava, along with a bridge that can be destroyed. The other is from Mario Kart, and contains Lava Rock Bowser and Thwomps. Unlock Bowser
Cookie Country from Kirby. You walk through the meadows, trees, water, and blocks. Waddle Dees are the hazzard, but can be killed easily. Starter
The Halberd. Metaknight's battleship. Unlock Metaknight
Quilty Square, from Patch Land. The only hazzards are Yarn Foes that come from Grass Land or Space Land from the left or right sides. Unlock Prince Fluff
Mega Man - NES - Gutsman Stage
Gutsman's stage. It's a scroller like Bubbleman's stage, but it's harder because it's rather easy to fall and die if you are not careful. Win 50 Games
One of the best stages from one of the best Megaman games. The stage starts on a few blocks with a waterfall in the background. Soon the waterfall gets bigger and crushes the ground, leading you to the underwater part with lots of hazzards. Starter
Smashvile, from Animal Crossing. Home to the non killer Villager. The only hazzards are the moving platforms, if you even count them as one. Starter
Lavendera from TOME. So I guess you 'log into' battle on this one, huh? Well, This is a plain battlefeild, but with some rocks. The only hazzards are your foes. Starter
The Glitz Pit. This arena like stage is similar to the Boxing Arena, except instead of ropes and lights, random fighters come and try to attack you from time to time. Unlock Luigi and Pink Gold Peach
The Pokemon Stadium! The terrain randomly changes from Mountains to Ice to Electric to Fire. Starter
Wii Fit Studio
Wii Fit Studio! No Hazzards. But a Sandbag to train on. And those platforms.

Story Mode Bosses