Trick or Treat
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Developer(s) Fantasy Factory Letters Shooting Star Studios Logo
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Platform(s) WiiULogo
Release Date(s)
December 2012
Media Included Wii U Disk

Trick or Treat is a Halloween-based Wii U game and one of the few projects created by DohIMissed (tbc) and T0M.V.12 (tbc). It features Ghuplight and his friend Pete trying to stop an evil demon spirit, but most of all, save Halloween.


A long time ago, there was a small village called Twilight Square. The habitans of this village were monsters of all sorts; witches, ghosts, werewolfs, etcetra. Everyone lived in peace. Once in a year, it was Halloween, a day where everyone's trying to scare each other, or go around the village for candy. It was the most wonderful day in the year.

It was almost Halloween when Ghuplight returned from his vacation at the Spooky Summit. When he arrived at the little town, he was shocked. Instead of seeing lights and decorations, everyone acted like nothing special was going on. His friend, Pete, ran into him, telling that a mysterious spirit hypnotized the villagers to forget Halloween. With only a few days left until Halloween, it's up to the spooky duo to decorate the whole town to break the curse of the evil spirit.


The town acts as the world the player plays in. Minigames are all over the town, which have to be cleared to proceed in the game. The player can walk around freely, and simply start a minigame by walking to its location and press a button when standing in the spot. The player can discover the town's many secrets, which include walking into houses to find hidden items and such. Each minigame has different gameplay, and they mostly make good use of the Wii U's Gamepad. After 10 minigames are cleared, a villain enters the town, and has to be found and defeated. A boss battle's gameplay is much as in a RPG game, but in 3D. The player and villain attack in turns, but more like in 3D platformers, having several button combinations for attacks instead of selecting it in a menu. Also, the player can walk around freely in a battle. After a boss is defeated, 10 new minigames will appear in the town.


Image Name Species Description Unlock Method
Guplight Ghuplight Ghost The little ghost hero who loves the light, is ready to save Halloween from the evil demon spirit, along with his friend Pete. -
Pumpkin Char Pete Pumpkin Pete, Ghuplight's best bud and the little, horror-obsessed pumpkin is helping his friend to save the Halloween time! -
Weather Werewolf TBA Clear 10 minigames and defeat the boss.
Muppet Mummy TBA Clear 20 minigames and defeat the boss.
Lightning Bat TBA Clear 25 minigames.
Weena ToT Weena Witch TBA Clear 35 minigames.


After clearing 10 minigames, a villain enters the town, which the player should defeat in a special minigame or battle.

Image Name Species Description Battle Strategy
N/A TBA Demon Spirit The final boss of the game that wants to ruin Halloween for the heroic monsters. He never had the chance to celebrate Halloween with friends, and wants revenge. He's fought after all minigames are cleared. TBA
N/A Glub-Glub Slime Monster TBA TBA
N/A Vimeka Wizard TBA TBA
N/A Dr. Hunter Human A crazy doctor that attacks the heroes to have some of their DNA. He appears after 30 minigames are cleared. TBA
N/A Darius Vampire TBA TBA
N/A Evelevil Zombie TBA TBA

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