Trick Daddy is the third episode of Series 3 of Super Mario. It was aired on 19th October, 2015.


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Troop Sr. is with Rievoah, Tiarer and Berinda. They approach a skatepark, and he tells them about when he nearly broke his bones skateboarding one time.

Suddenly, the quad come across Bowser Jr., Lemmy and Morton. The three challenge Troop to a skateboarding challenge. Troop gets scared of this, so he goes to Mario for skateboarding advice.

Mario and Luigi show him their skateboarding skills. Troop then has flashbacks of when he was a pro skater when he was younger, before he crashed into a wall and never went boarding again after that. Ironically, he crashes into a fence when his flashback distracts him, but he says he is ready.

The next day, Troop, Bowser Jr., Lemmy and Morton all line up. Peach and Police Guy remind him to focus completely on the challenge. Iago blows a horn and the four go off. Bowser says he will challenge everybody on their skills, and they have just five minutes.

Donkey Kong sneakily throws a banana peel onto the skateboarding tube, tripping Morton up, disqualifying him. Toadette and Toadokay, quietly laugh at each other, causing everybody to think they did something sneaky. Suddenly, Bowser Jr.'s skateboard suddenly stops, and although he says that his board is screwed up, Iago still says he is disqualified.

As the last minute approaches, Troop has 300 points, whilst Lemmy has 500 points. Troop, however, manages to pull off a great trick in the process, but Iago says that it doesn't count as the timer ran out before Troop could continue his trick, giving Lemmy the victor, but Troop is still given a silver trophy.

Afterwards, Troop goes over to Mario, Luigi, Peach, Police Guy, Toad, Rievoah and Chain Chomp.Rievoah goes up to him and says that he was just unlucky, but Tiarer appears, and blamed Toadette and Toadokay, as they messed with Bowser Jr's skateboard before the event began, and when he slipped out, it distracted her father.

Troop, however, says that he did well, and says that he's going to treet everybody, and Berinda and Larry to a pizza.


  • The title is an obvious reference to the rapper, Trick Daddy.
  • This is the second episode where Lemon has appeared without Rosalina, the first being Ridin' Double.
  • Iago said that he locked BJ Toast into a cupboard so he didn't put everybody off.
  • Although Larry has no lines, he can be heard cheering with the others when Troop does his last successful trick.

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