Trials Extinction is an upcoming 3DS exclusive Trials biking game. The game is different from other Trials game, being solely based on the past.


In Trials: Extinction, there are 25 single-player biking maps (10 unlocked from the start, 15 unlockable from completing challenges) that take place in the past. There are also 10 multiplayer maps for local, download or online play. This doesn't seem like much, so we're introducing new multiplayer modes. Here's how they work:

Battle Mode is the biggest new multiplayer mode in Trials. You may know the Battle Mode from all Mario Kart games. And the one in Trials, while sharing the same same, is completely different. Since this game is available on the 3DS, meaning you need multiple 3DS's to play local multiplayer games, we wanted to try something new. Here, the randomly chosen leader picks a multiplayer course and every 3DS user must set up hazards around the course using their touch screens. Then, the battle begins, and you must avoid the hazards set up by your friends. In fact, if you lose, they may not be your friends anymore! There is also new Trick Mode and Bike Target Test. In Trick Mode you must compete for the trick with the most points off the big ramp and in Bike Target Test you must boost off the ramp and hit the best spot on the target. The game plays out like Darts.

The trick system in Trials: Extinction has been drastically improved. You can now pull tricks like the "Superman" or the "Coffin" (moves you may know from skateboarding. With the coffin, you simply lay down on the bike seat.) The game also counts flips past ten in a row. Every other trick returns. In the Trick Mode, you earn points for doing tricks. This is also possible in the Bike Target Test mode.

Finally, a new single player mode. The Challenge Mode. In this game mode, you have to complete a series of challenging challenges, whether it would be pulling tricks or completing a level without seeing your bike. Of course, we've seen this in Trials games before, but in this edition it has been completely revamped. Now, a full list of all new bikes.

Trickster BMX and the Jester Helmet Fiery Tornado and the Flaming Helmet Rocket Blaster and the Space Helmet Toe Jammer and the Black Helmet Musical Motor and the Dancing Strings Helmet.

All previous bikes from Trials games return, including the new Quad Bike.

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