Triad is a non-playable character in Flat Pack Puzzler, although travelling on the journey, all he gives is advice.


Triad is observant and patient. He loves to solve tasks slowly by analysing each specific detail, so he doesn't like to jump to conclusions. He is knowledgeable, yet not that streetwise as it takes him a while to adjust to his surroundings. In times where doesn't know about where he is, he will turn into a wimpy coward, as seen in Flat Pack Puzzler.


Triad is dark green green and has lanky legs which are extendable. He has a red triangle nose and circular pupils with  wide oval eyes. He wears black shoes and occasionally wears a polka dot tie, which colour varies each time.


Flat Pack Puzzler

Triad will share a tip, stat or random fact on a loading screen or when the player is having a tough time in the level. A running gag is when Recto asks why he never does anything.

Stelios Scramble

As in Flat Pack Puzzler, Triad will give away useful or useless facts on the loading screen and if he is summoned from a Time Portal. The useless tips can be about fighting or bonus modes or how to unlock characters, a joke or just reminding the player about a certain game mode.



As they met before Recto met Sabrina. Triad agreed to try and tag along on Recto's quest, the two make friends avast of their diverse personalities, Triad promises to make Recto more confident, in which he eventually does. This brings greater mutual respect for each other. 


Sabrina is at first unsure on Triad but he reassures Sabrina that he would love to aid the two on their quest. Although they don't speak as much, as the game progresses they do more and begin to bond much more. 


  • His name is a pun on his triangular shape and "try hard" mentality.
    • Because of this, his name is pronouced "Tri-ard", but is often pronounced "Try-ad".

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