TriHeroes Baseball is a Fan Game in the TriHeroes Sports Series, a spin-off series of the TriHeroes Series. It is a game by Red Inc., Bomb Productions Games, and EEA Inc. This game has similar gameplay to the Wii title Mario Super Sluggers, with some minor twists to it. TriHeroes Baseball is a game made only for the Nintendo Wii, and is rated E (Everyone). It will release sometime in April 2011, when the Major League Baseball season starts.




Captains & Sub-Captains

Characters in bold are captains, while character not in bold are sub-captains.

In order from the Captain Selection screen:


Also includes the captains and sub-captains. In order from Teammate Selection screen:


Tables needed


Ball Parks

  • RedYoshi's Island - A beachside stadium with no gimmicks
  • McBoo's Mansion -
  • BlackYoshi's Castle (Unlockable Park) -


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