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TriHeroes (Name suggested by 1337doom (tbc)) is a game by Red Inc., EEA Inc, and Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Productions Games, EEA Inc., and Red. Inc. game, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It stars three heroes, McBoo, YoshiEgg Nook, and RedYoshi in their first crossover game. It will be relased sometime in 2010.


McBoo and the three Amighosts and Booberry were hanging out in McBoo's Mansion when RedYoshi came into the mansion to visit and tell them something. When RY reached the room that the Amighosts were in, he saw Booberry and immediately thought she was a blueberry, RY's favorite food, and ate her. "No!" said McBoo, "No, RedYoshi! Spit out my girlfriend!" "Oh..." said RY, his mouth full of Booberry. He slowly spat out Booberry and Booberry laughed, as did the others. "So, me and RedBirdo are having a party on my island! Wanna' come?" The Amighosts and Booberry agreed, and they went outside. Suddenly, they noticed that The Groo, fatter and redder than usual, was hunched over YoshiEgg's Shack. Then, The Groo turned around, his face stuffed with Fire Flowers! The Groo, like in previous times, had gotten a craving, this time for Fire Flowers. When he gets cravings, he goes more or less out of his mind. The Groo now had the power to shoot huge fireballs from his fingers! Suddenly, YoshiEgg Nook, Bloop, and Tulip Nook appeared, equipped with their Laser Blasters, and began shooting The Groo with them. However, their blasts missed, and The Groo shot a big fireball at YE! Fortunately, McBoo & RY jumped out in front of YE and deflected the ball. Then, everybody began to gang up on The Groo. To avoid any further pain, The Groo stormed away. RedYoshi asked YE, Bloop, and Tulip if they wanted to go to he and RB's party, and they said yes. Meanwhile on RY's Island, BlackYoshi was plotting to sabotage RY and RB's party and kidnap RB. As he was beginning to find the perfect plan, BlackBirdo interrupted him. "Happy Anniversary, sweetums!!" said BB. "UGHH!!" groaned BY, "BlackBirdo, can't you see I'm trying to plot here?!?" Suddenly, BB burst into tears. "B-but, it's our Anniver-versary..." "Look, if you're not RedBirdo, I don't want to see you right now OK?!" Just then, BlackBirdo had an idea... Meanwhile on the boat RY, McBoo, YE, and the others were on, they could all see RY's Island up ahead. They were all anxious to get on the island. A few minutes later, the boat docked and they all saw a beautiful party set up. RB was standing by some tables talking to some other Birdos and Yoshis. Suddenly, a silver yoshi with green shoes, saddle, and spines zoomed up to RY and greeted him. "Gah!" RedYoshi yelped in suprise. "SilverYoshi! How's it goin'?" "Pretty swell!" the odd ColoredYoshi replied. "This party is for you and RedBirdo, yes?" SilverYoshi asked, admiring his green shoes. "Aaaahwawawawawawawawawawawah, yes," RY stuttered. "Well, watch out!" SilverYoshi said, "Cuz your old buddy BlackYoshi hasn't been seen for days. He's plannin' something big, RedYoshi, I just know it... Well, see ya' around!" SilverYoshi zoomed away. "What's up with him?" McBoo asked YoshiEgg. YE shrugged.

More to come...

Playable Characters














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