Trent Edwards
Full Name Trenton DeJuan Edwards
Current Age 27
Date of Birth April 9th
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Detroit, Michigan
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Becca Edwards (sister)
Nationality 25px-Flag of USA
Ethnicity African-American
Height 6'7"
First Appearance Amy vs The Future

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Trent is a human from Detroit. He is known for having a lot of luck.


Trent is a tall 27-year-old African-American male with medium length black hair. He has glasses and wears a cyan hoodie, black jeans and magenta trainers. He also has stubble.


Trent was born in Detroit and raised around the city. When Trent was 10, he moved to California and ended up getting a "sister", who was really an android who had the alias of Becca. Trent's father died when Trent was 20, and Trent was given his father's wealth. Trent ended up being given billions, and his father's company. Trent has been wise with his money, trying to avoid going overboard with his money. Trent got caught up in a fight in Los Angeles and was dragged into it. He, alongside many others, fought off Mr. D'Angelo and saved the world. Trent tries to avoid the Fantendoverse portal and lives his life as normal.


Trent is a bit of a tool. He may have the money, but he hasn't got the brains. He generally makes extremely dumb mistakes.


  • Trent is the oldest character in the Tayshaun & Amy series, being age 27.
  • Trent was his creator's first character.