Tree Flower
Tree Flower NSMBVR
Kind of Item Flower
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. VR
Transforms user into Leaf form

The Tree Flower is a powerup item. It's a flower whose appearance resembles a tree with 2 leafs. The flower is used to transform the player into Leaf Mario

Leaf Mario 2

Leaf Mario


The appearence of the flower was based on Cloud Flower and looks much like an tree. Unlike the appearance of the Flower, Leaf Mario have leafs upon his head (the central leaf have a green brooch) and green pants.


With the power-up, you transforms into Leaf Mario. It that form, Mario can shoot leaves that when hit the ground, it create vines. The player can use the vines to reach and swing freely and also to trap enemies, such as Choppahs. The player can also jump and, then, spin to create a giant leaf and use it to float like a hoverboard. But you need to watch out for poison, otherwise both the power and Mario will be blundered!


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