Travis Wander
Current Age 28
Date of Birth TBA
Zodiac Sign TBA
Gender Male
Species Human
Location TBA
Current Status Alive
Lunes the Cat

Mike the Robot


First Appearance Costume Hero
Latest Appearance Costume Hero: The Nine Nymphs
Travis Wander is a supporting character in Costume Hero. It is revealed that he's a traveler, fighting off evil tyrants and vicious beasts.


Travis is a very brave man who likes to help others. He is also very intelligent, and knows a lot about engineering (hence why he helps you upgrade the Cheese Rocket).


Travis is a tall and slender man with black hair, light blue eyes, and his skin color is white. He wears traveling clothes.


Costume Hero

In Costume Hero, Travis is a supporting character. He sells parts and upgrades for the Cheese Rocket.


  • Travis Wander's name is a play on words that involves around the words, "travel" and "wonder".