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...Isn't This Where We Came In? Sandstorm

"Traverse" written by Exotoro

Traverse is the second episode in Fantendo the Animated Series' second. It was written by series creator Exotoro, who wrote most of the episodes in that season.

This episode follows Rachel as she is accidentally left behind and has to traverse a desert.


The episode begins with Rachel talking to Ella about the party and then talking to a old friend named Alysa. She takes a sip of wine, of which the camera pans into. When the camera exits the glass, it is revealed to be three hours later, of which Rachel wakes up from a drunken stupor. She then realizes that the group has left her behind.

Although she intentionally attempts to hijack a vehicle in the garage, the owners of the house catch her and throw her into the backyard and lock the door. Rachel walks past the playground equipment, where she imagines a younger version of herself swinging on the swings by herself. She proceeds to walk out to the desert.

Although she manages to get directions on her phone, she finds that it will be quite a long walk. She writes the directions on a slip of paper so to save the battery of the phone and heads further into the desert. She comes across a old wooden boat with boxes of canned cherries. She takes one of the canned cherries and sits down to eat them, again imagining her younger self eating one of the cherries by herself. As she attempts to sit next to her younger self, her younger self walks away.

Rachel grabs three cans of the cherries and begins to run through the desert. She stops to cough as sand gets in her eyes and mouth, but presses on. She notices a road up ahead and holds up her thumb; the driver of the car being Unten.

In a post credits scene, Rachel opens up one of the cans of cherries and offers one to Unten. Unten asks her where she found those cherries, of which Rachel replies with a shrug.

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