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This is the Travel of Pokémon Yellow Gamma Yγ in the game you encounter some popular character of the pokemon Franchise will transport you to another land for a temporary period for a specific quest

after defeating the 16th Gym leader, go to in the Mt Moon top and speak with Steven (the old champion of Hoenn (Brendan is actual champion !))

He explain that there is a problem in the Sootopolis City in Hoenn and he also explains that you should have a High Level . Steven asks your help for resolve the problem in the Sootopolis City After accepting his proposal , go to the Sootopolis City or you will meet Wallace and He explain that the problem located in the Cavern of Origin in the Stage 0 you encounter 5 grunt belonging to the Team Aqua and the Team Magma and you batting with they on the << Horde Encounter >> after defeating this horde you must wait until the end of the cave you encounter Maxie and Archie and fighting they in the dual battle

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Music (Youtube Link) Name Credit (Youtube Channel)
Sootopolis City15:30

Sootopolis City

Sootopolis City ORAS Official Soundtrack
Cave of Origins37:48

Cave of Origins

Cave of Origin ORAS Official Soundtrack
Eam Aqua Magma Battle Music03:01

Eam Aqua Magma Battle Music

VS Grunt Team Aqua &Team Magma Pokeli
Aqua Magma Leader Battle03:00

Aqua Magma Leader Battle

VS Maxie & Archie Pokeli
Hoenn Surfing Theme02:37

Hoenn Surfing Theme

Hoenn Surfing ORAS Official Soundtrack

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