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Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 2
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Platform(s) WiiU
Release Date(s)
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OFLC M rating
Genre(s) Simulation, Visual Novel
Series Trauma Center, Pokemon, Nintendomon

Trauma-Centermon is a collaboration between the RPG style series Pokemon and the Simulation series Trauma Center. The game follows the gameplay from the Trauma Center series focusing on operations and a heavy story. However the game replaces human and robotic patients with Pokemon and is set across the various Pokemon Regions. This game has one of the highest ESRB ratings in the Pokemon series due to the issues it tackles in its story.


Like the start of most Pokemon games the player gets to choose between a male and female character. They will be identified as Dr. (Name), so only a Surname is applied. The player's character is a young surgeon who has recently finished their course in surgery and diagnostics and begins working at the Celadon Trauma Center. Over the course of their journey they get involved in Meganius, the Pokemon equivalent of Caduceus and finds a mysterious strain of Pokerus has begun to cause serious issues to the biomes of the Pokemon World.


Like in the Trauma Center games, there are a variety of instruments used in the variety of operations that occur throughout the game. While most of the instruments that appeared in Trauma Center have returned, some have been removed and new ones added for specific types of Pokemon (Fire, Electric, Ice, etc.).


Item Name Use
Foreceps A Metal scissor like instrument that allows the surgeon to clamp objects that may be wedged into a person such as glass or metal. They can also be used to reposition bone and applying mechanical components to the body.
Antibiotic Gel Antiobiotic Gel is used throughout most parts of an operation, it prevents infection and can close up very minor injuries that are microscopic.
Surgical Laser A Laser capable of helping to extract tumorous objects and other hazards, the surgeon must be accurate however as if the laser hits an organ or skin for too long it can cause burn damage.
Drain A pipe used to clear out blood from open wounds both internal and external, it can also extract very small foreign objects.
Scalpel Used to make incisions into the body to examine internal injuries as well as used to extract some internal injuries. Like the Surgical Laser if this instrument is used incorrectly it can cause damage to the patient.
Sutures A stitch used to connect open wounds too large for Antiobiotic Gel. It is used on the incision made by Scalpels as well as other objects such as glass and metal.
Syringe An instrument capable of holding fluids within itself. It is able to apply these fluids to the body by injection. The needles are constantly replaced to prevent cross-contamination but you won't notice that in the game.
Current Controller Stops the current of electricity within some Pokemon from flowing through completely creating an alternate path. Mainly used on Electric or Psychic type Pokemon.
External Heat Source This external heat source provides sustainability when the Fire Pouch in Fire-Type Pokemon needs to be operated on.
Chisel Used to break away at the exterior of hard pokemon like Rock and Steel types. It is also able to be used to remove dangerous bone fragments.
Water Packs Used when operation on the Hydro Pouch of Water-Type Pokemon. It contains fresh Water which will keep their internal organs working properly.
Tangibility Beam A Beam of light that allows for operations on Ghost-Type Pokemon. It can only be used for about 30 seconds before it must recharge for 10 seconds.
Flora Attachment An attachment to the Foreceps, Surgical Laser, Drain, Scalpel and Syringe which allows the surgeon to operate on the plant component of Grass-Type Pokemon.
Toxic Packs These are used in placement of the Toxin Pouches within Poison-Type Pokemon when the Toxin Pouches need to be operated on. They provide the necessary substances for Poison-Type Pokemon to breath.
External Cooling Source Used for Ice-Types when operating if specific organs of the Ice-Type Pokemon are being operated on (Brain, Biological Sustainability Organ, Ice Sustainability Organ).

Due to there being 15 instruments a sub-menu has been added which can be accessed by holding C on the nunchuck. Allowing the user to pick from the instruments. Other instruments or objects such as the Ultrasound, Bandages and Magnifier are in a second sub-menu due to their distinction from the main instruments. This menu can be accessed by holding Z on the nunchuck.

Item Name Use
Hands The player's hands, they are automatically equpped at the beggining of an operation however are rarely used outside of caridiac arrest where there is no available defibrillator and also when inserting a breathing tube into the throat.
Bandages These are generally used at the end of an operation is an internal incision has been made.
Magnifier Allows the surgeon to a smaller area more clearly where something might have been unseen before.
Ultrasound Ultrasounds are frequencies of sound which allow surgeons to see unseen objects which may dwell beneath the surface of an organ, bone or muscle.


The story like other Trauma Center games progresses in Chapters with individual episodes assigned to each Chapter. The game has a menu in which all unlocked episodes can be played, with each Chapter being designated a colour.

In Trauma Centermon there are 12 Chapters each possessing 15-20 Episodes. While some episodes include operations there is approximately a 3:2 ratio between Operations and pure Dialogue episodes. While doing the operations the player may perform exceedingly well, in some cases earning them a G-Mission. This mission has the player doing an operation at an unknown time during the main story although some believe the G-Missions occur after the Main Story. The G-Missions have the player operate on various Gym Leader's Pokemon making there a total of 55 G-Missions scattered throughout the game.

Operations utilize the motion controls of the Wii Remote and Nunchuck although the Wii Gamepad is option using its screen and stylus alternatively. The user makes motions with the Wii-Remote for the movement and use of various instruments. By performing multiple instructions in quick succession the player can be awarded a chain multiplier which can add to their overall score. In the game there are more ranks than Trauma Center:

F - Failure

C - Rookie Surgeon

B - Intermediate Surgeon

B+ - Expert Surgeon

A - Senior Surgeon

S - Master Surgeon

X - Supreme Surgeon

To unlock G-Missions the player must complete a specific task and obtain at least an S Rank in the mission it is unlocked from.

Storyline: Chapter 1

Day 1

The player, recently out of their course in Surgery & Diagnostics recieves a letter from the Celadon Trauma Center explaining how they have accepted his application to their facility. The player heads to Celadon Trauma Center and is met by Jade Verdant who is the chief of the Trauma Center, she explains that she is grateful that the player applied as there have been fewer and fewer new Surgeons over the past couple of years. The player is directed to an operating theatre where they are greeted by their Nurse Assistant, Melody Gracidea. Melody is happy to help the player with the surgery and explains that she had come to Kanto from Sinnoh and hoped to make the Pokemon of Kanto feel better by whatever way she could. Melody goes on to talk about the different methods of treatment that are used in the Trauma Center.

Day 2

The player heads around Celadon City and visits the department store and is greeted by Erika who had heard that the player had recently become a surgeon at the Trauma Center, she is glad that the player is helping Pokemon who are sick or injured and wishes the player the best of luck. The player continues to walk around the Department Store for a bit until they here a faint cry coming from one of the side exits of the Department Store, the player heads over to investigate and finds a Rattata lying against the wall with a cut on its leg, the Rattata lets out a whimper and the player picks up the Rattata and takes it back to the Trauma Center calling Melody explaining how the player has found their first patient.

(Rattata Operation)

Day 3

The player heads to the recovery room where the Rattata is happily playing with other small Pokemon and being taken care of by a Chansey. Nurse Joy walks in and greets the player explaining how she and Chansey watch over the Pokemon who are recovering from Surgery. The player looks around and sees that there are several Chanseys and other Pokemon of various sizes. The player walks over to the Rattata who is happy to see the player and runs around the player before running back to the group of Pokemon it was with earlier. Melody walks in to check on the Rattata and is pleased to see it is up and moving again, the player explains how it seems to be quite energetic and Melody explains how Rattata often have a lot of energy despite their small size.

Day 4

The player heads into Verdant's Office after being requested to be seen. Verdant thanks the player for their exceptional surgery work on the Rattata and explains how there has been a recent boost in morale around the Trauma Center, she explains that today the Rattata will be sent back out into the wild since its wounds are healed. The player and Verdant walk out onto a balcony outside her office where they see Melody and Rattata walking up to a gate connecting to Route 7, on the other side are a couple of Pokemon and a group of Rattatas. Melody opens the gate and the Rattatas go and smell the Rattata the player operated on, accept it into their group and head off into the wild. The player and Verdant then head back inside, Verdant explains to the player that there will be tougher operations ahead but she believes that the player is well equipped to handle any situation.

Day 5

Melody and the player are walking through Celdaon as she explains how there is an underground gang called Team Rocket that have been known to abuse Pokemon, the player asks if Team Rocket is in Celadon. Melody hesitates and states that while no one has mentioned any activity of Team Rocket she believes they are in Celadon City, just as they begin to head back to the Trauma Center the see a Team Rocket Grunt run out of the back door of the Casino and into the Trauma Center, Melody and the player run after the Grunt and ask what he was doing, the grunt turns around and simply asks for them to help his pokemon, in his arms he holds a Meowth with some distinct scratches along its torso, the player notices it is in great pain and takes it into the Trauma Center and prepared for Surgery.

(Meowth Operation)

Day 6

The next day the player notices a man sitting by the side of the Meowth, the player asks if the man knows the Meowth to which the man explains he was the Team Rocket Grunt from yesterday however after seeing what happened to his Meowth he left Team Rocket. He explains that the other night he filed a report to the Celadon City's Officer Jenny explaining about the hidden base in beneath the Casino. The player is shocked by this change of heart and explains that while the injuries the Meowth had looked severe they had only caused minor damage to the Pokemon. The man is thankful and asks how long he can stay with the Meowth, Verdant walks in and explains that a Pokemon's Trainer is permitted to stay as long as they want, she continues asking the an why he was part of Team Rocket in the first place to which he explains that he wanted to work as a Mart Stall Salesman like his father however after being fired from every mart across Kanto because he was unable to organise stock properly he and his Meowth joined Team Rocket so he could still earn a living. He realises the error in his ways and believes that if he tries hard he can be re-employed at the Celadon Mart. He thanks the player for helping Meowth recover.

Day 7

The player is visited by Officer Jenny the next day explaining that a full investigation has begun on the Rocket Hideout and that any information the man with the Meowth provided yesterday would be beneficial, the player explains that the man knew very little about the operations of Team Rocket and Officer Jenny thanks the player for their time before heading off. Later that day while working at the Trauma Center the player hears Melody talking to Officer Jenny, upon finding them the player finds that the Officer Jenny's Growlithe has been badly injured during a fight with some Team Rocket Grunts, she requests the player perform surgery on the Growlithe due to how the player performed surgery on the Meowth from two days ago.

(Growlithe Operation)

Day 8

The player is briefed by Officer Jenny and Verdant that while investigating the Rocket Hideout they found a Vulpix deep within the facility and it also needs to have surgery performed on it, Officer Jenny thanks the player for helping fix her Growlithe as it was able to find the injured Vulpix with its keen sense of smell. The player and Melody then head to the Operating Theatre where Verdant tells them that she is currently investigating the owner of the Vulpix.

(Vulpix Operation)

Day 9

The player and Melody go to the recovery room where they see Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny talking to someone out of the player's sight. Officer Jenny notices the player and thanks the player again for helping make her Growlithe better, she then introduces the mysterious person who turns out to be a Youngster. He explains how he had heard of Red the famous trainer who single handedly defeated Team Rocket and freed Kanto of their grasp. Officer Jenny picks up the story and explains how the youngster had gone into the Team Rocket Hideout to defeat the rocket grunts and kick them out of the city although he was captured by one of the grunts after he lost to them and was kicked out while his Vulpix was taken away from him. He thanks the player and Officer Jenny for saving his Vulpix. Nurse Joy explains that Growlithe and Vulpix are often natural rivals in the wild although the Youngster's Vulpix and Jenny's Growlithe seem to have gotten along well as she shows the player the two Pokemon running around the enclosure chasing each other.

Day 10

Officer Jenny visits the player and explains how they've completed their investigation of the hideout and while they couldn't find information on Team Rocket's plans she was glad they were able to secure the area. Suddenly a Mankey runs up and breaks the window in the room Jenny and the player are in. It stands there for a few seconds and then collapses, a note is taped to its back, Jenny takes the note off of the Mankey and instructs the player to perform surgery as the Mankey has visible cuts and bruises and has discolouration around its liver.

(Mankey Operation)

Day 11

The player and Melody are talking to each other wondering what the note on the Mankey was, Officer Jenny comes in and explains how the note is encrypted by a code and she can't decipher it. Frustrated by the encryption of the note Melody asks if there was anything at the hideout that would be able to decipher it. Jenny thanks Melody for the idea and rushes off leaving the note on the table. Suddenly a Raticate runs into room where Melody and the player are, Melody recognizes the Raticate as the Rattata the player operated on as their first patient. The player looks at the Raticate and sees its suffered serious damage and announces to Melody that they must operate immediately.

(Raticate Operation)

Day 12

With the Raticate healing; Melody, the Player and Verdant watch over it wondering how it could hurt again. As they look over it the player makes a note that the injuries did not look like they were caused by a Pokemon. Verdant questions if the player is implying that Team Rocket had done this, the player suspects that may be the case. As they watch the Raticate who is sleeping soundly a Mart Stall Salesman rushes in explaining how it was him, the man with the Meowth. The man is carrying a persian on his back who has damage to its face. He asks the player please help them, the player runs with the man to the operating theatre who explains how Team Rocket had attacked him earlier because he had revealed their hideout.

(Persian Operation)

Day 13

With the Persian recovering the man thanks the player for all he's done and that the man is in his debt. Melody suddenly runs out of the recovery room and comes back with the note that Officer Jenny left, she asks the man if he knows what the note says. The man looks over the note and begins reading it out, explaining how Team Rocket was warning the player to stop investigating their operations otherwise more Pokemon would be injured by their master plan. Melody asks what the master plan is but the man explains how he doesn't know. He continues stating that he would like to take the Raticate that the player had operated on two days ago with him since he notices it nursing his Persian. Melody explains how the Raticate is a wild Pokemon so if Raticate accepts the man he can keep the Raticate. The man approaches the Raticate which hides behind Persian, however Persian simply walks up to the man and walks around him like a faithful cat. The Raticate realises the connection between the man and Persian and walks over, picks one of the Pokeballs off of the man's belt and bumps it against face. The pokeball locks and the man picks it up letting the Raticate back out again. The Raticate elated to see the man again runs up and hugs his leg. The man thanks the player & Melody for letting him keep Raticate and he, Persian and Raticate leave. Melody notes how she is overjoyed that the man has made such a turn around.

Storyline: Chapter 2

(Note: Time passes significantly between Chapters)

Day 38

The player and Melody are walking up to the Trauma Center noting that it there have been very few incidents lately and she believes that Team Rocket has backed off since their hideout was found out. Suddenly on their way in a trainer runs up to them holding an Oddish in her arms and asking for them to help the Oddish as she doesn't know what's happening to it, it is visible to see that the Pokemon's leaves are degenerating. Melody asks the trainer what had happened before the incident began to happen and she explained how she had just been in a battle with another trainer, Melody asked what the Pokemon the other Trainer used was and she explained that it was a Paras, Melody muttered to the player stating that there was a high probility that Paras' spores were causing the problem.

(Oddish Operation)

Day 39

Melody and the trainer are seen watching over the Oddish in intensive care to make sure it has had all the parasites had dissipated. Verdant and the player walk in and Verdant approaches the trainer asking her what happened during the battle. The trainer recalls that her Oddish had used Razor Leaf and bit of one of the mushrooms on Paras' back which subsequently released an odd spore. The player asks the trainer what was odd about the spore and the trainer explains how unlike other spores it was black in colouration. Verdant brought up several images of different powder attacks including Sleep Powder, Poison Powder and Stun Spore and noticed that none of them had a black colouration. She continued to explain how she would investigate the parasites recovered from the trainer's Oddish to find answers. The trainer thanked the player and Melody for helping her Oddish recover.

Day 40

The player enters Verdant's office asking what she had called them for. Verdant explains that the sample analysed from the Oddish from two days ago came back with a shocking result. It appeared that the Paras had a mysterious virus that she couldn't identify from any other Pokemon Virus, she warned the player explaining that while the virus caused minimal effects the Player should be observant of any other cases like the Oddish. Melody then comes in and requests the player's assistance with a Goldeen that had been brought in, the player and Melody then rush to the operation room. While running Melody explains the Goldeen has several injuries and that its Hydro Pouch, a pouch that allows water breathing Pokemon to stay on land for some time has been injured and this would be the first time the player would have to operate on a Pokemon of this nature.

(Goldeen Operation)


Chapter 1: A New Light

1 - Rattata - Minor cut on hind leg, some bleeding

2 - Meowth - Scratches across torso, some bleeding also broken claws lodged into side (noticed after scratches are sutured)

3 - Growlithe - Claws embedded in Fire Pouch, broken wrist and internal bleeding

4 - Vulpix - Severe cuts on underside, 2nd and 5th tail have been broken, bleeding

5 - Mankey - Bruises and Cuts, internal hemorrhaging in Liver

6 - Raticate -  Severe cuts to arm, Broken shoulder as well as internal bleeding due to internal cuts of unknown origin

7 - Persian - Cuts to face as well as broken teeth and jaw, bleeding internal and external

Chapter 2: Emergency Night

1 - Oddish - Leaves suffering from microscopic parasites, reconnection of nerves required

2 - Goldeen - Broken Horn, internal cuts and lacerations from unknown origin on the hydro pouch

3 - Geodude - Broken Arm, requires re-structuring

4 - Gloom - Toxin leakage from internal lacerations of unknown origin, requires resealing of the alpha toxin pouch

5 - Machoke - Severed Bicep, requires re-attachment, be aware that the patient will have muscle spasms

6 - Poliwhirl - New Virus! Swamp Fever, infected Water Pouch, lacerations throughout due to virus

7 - Victreebel - New Strain! Swamp Fever, affecting the arms, also requires nerve reconnection, furthermore the patient is spewing up acid, likely the toxin pouch has burst

Chapter 3: Under Watchful Eyes

1 - Haunter - Spectral deterioration, from unknown virus, requires tangibility beam and re-phasing

2 - Arcanine - Fire Pouch burst causing severe internal burns to stomach, requires re-sealing as well as treatment to stomach

3 - Exeggcute - Swamp Fever affecting brain processing, requires treatment and neuron re-attachment, also suffering from mental fluxuations likely caused by neuron severing

4 - Kadabra - New Virus! Telekinetic Fever, causing intense Psychic stress on the brain, also broken arms due to virus

5 - Gengar - New Strain! Telekinetic Fever causing phase shift, requiring changing of tangibility beam frequency, also suffering from alpha toxin pouch lacerations of unknown origin

Player moves to Goldenrod Trauma Center

6 - Jumpuff - Swamp Fever, causing loss of cotton on arms, requires immediate treatment as well as cuts found on underside from crashing into glass

7 - Ampharos - Self-electrocution, warning to not have physical contact with the patient while they are having a self-electrocution, requires treatment of the Nerve Center, tumors found within require removal

Chapter 4: Mutation

1 - Sunflora - Laceration to torso and Swamp Fever in petals around face, internal hemorrhaging to stomach, also spores stuck in stomach

2 - Parasect - Fungus deterioration, requires immediate treatment as well as broken claws requiring re-adjustment, the patient suffers from an irregular heartbeat and may require defibrillation

3 - Ariados - New Virus! Spore Fever, causes spores to appear in patients lungs as well as alpha toxin pouch, tumors also form on toxin pouch

4 - Lickitung - Lacerations on Tongue and Broken Jaw that requires re-adjustment

5 - Xatu - Telekinetic Fever causing brain trauma as well as development of lacerations on the face

6 - Heracross - Spore Fever causing spores to develop in Lungs, also Left Wing is broken due to crashing

7 - Dragonite - Broken Arm and electrocution throughout body, requires current controller and re-adjustment of arm, also internal bleeding due to glass shards

8 - Tentacruel - Hybrid Fever (Swamp Fever and New Strain! Spore Fever) causing severe damage to the respiratory system as a whole, also creating spores on the lungs and patient may require defibrillation

Chapter 5: Black Skies

1 - Yanma - Spore Fever causing infection in stomach, broken arms due to crashing as well as some cuts on face

Player travelling to Hoenn by S.S. Anne

2 - Wingull - Broken Wing with shards of rocks lodged in

3 - Raichu - Self-Electrocution caused by glass shard in Nerve Center, treat with caution

Player moves to Hoenn Branch of Meganius

4 - Shuppet - Telekinetic Fever causing de-materialization

5 - Manectric - New Virus! Storm Fever, causing self-electrocution and uncontrollable muscle spasms, treat the Nerve Center first then treat the broken jaw and legs

6 - Claydol - Multiple shards of body broken, also etchings on body bleeding causing blindness, patient may have panic attacks causing spasms across the body

7 - Camerupt - Mutated Pokerus, treat Fire Pouch and use External Heat Source to control breathing

8 - Plusle & Minun - Double Operation, both victims are suffering from Storm Fever, treat Nerve Center then fix broken rib cages

Chapter 6: Eve

1 - Wailord - Swamp Fever, lacerations around diaphram due to condition the patient has also swallowed large amounts of water into lungs which requires draining

2 - Sableye - New Strain! Storm Fever, Treat Eyes as well as Back for the condition as well as re-adjust broken arms

3 - Vibrava - Mutated Pokerus, treat Wings and fix broken tail, be careful as patient is prone to panic attacks

4 - Grumpig - Telekinetic Fever causing broken tail, also treat brain for condition, the patient also requires re-attachment of nerves to spine due to breakage

5 - Swellow - Broken Wing with branches in it, patient also has a broken beak which requires re-adjustment as well and also has a small node attached to their foot that is causing electrical discharge which needs to be removed immediately

6 - Slaking - Patient has parasites throughout fur around collar and has redness in eyes, likely due to parasites treat with caution and drain poisoned areas

7 - Salamence - New Virus! Draconic Fever causes fits of rage, treat with extreme caution, patient will require treatment to Fire Pouch, Hydro Pouch and Nerve Center, the patient is also suffering from panic attacks and has broken arms and legs

Chapter 7: Bad Omens

Player moves to Sinnoh Branch of Meganius

1 - Staraptor - Patient suffering from Mutated Pokerus, treat eyes and beak as well as re-adjust broken feet and wing

2 - Drapion - Hybrid Fever (Storm Fever and Spore Fever) treat patients arms for Storm Fever which is causing tumors and treat patients lungs for Spore Fever which is developing spores, patient also has 2 broken legs and suffers from an irregular heartbeat which may require defibrillation

3 - Altaria - New Strain! Draconic Fever and Draconic Fever, patient requires treatment of feathers, brain and beak as well as tail, eyes and feet, the patient is also suffering from fits of rage which require sedatives to control

4 - Electivire - Storm Fever resulting in self-electrocution, patient requires treatment of the Nerve Center and also needs to have glass removed from arms, external hemorrhaging is expected around areas of treatment

5 - Bronzong - Melting, apply external cooling sources to affected areas and perform reshaping with the chisel, the patient will also require harmonic frequency adjustment which can be tested by tapping main body with hands

6 - Mamoswine - New Virus! Frostburn Fever, patient requires treatment for both internal freezing and external burns, the patient has a broken tusk and leg and requires sedatives to calm down fits of rage

7 - Shaymin - New Virus! Gracidea Fever, causing severe internal hemorrhaging to lungs and stomach, also creating internal and external lacerations, the patient also is suffering from forced form changing and therefore will require careful treatment

Player moves to Unova Branch of Meganius

Chapter 8: Meeting the Board

1 - Patrat - Suffering from internal hemorrhaging in the abdominal region, due to fighting will need adjustment of pelvis as well.

2 - Pansage - Suffering from Swamp Fever, lacerations within Head tuft causing severe blood loss. Patient also has an irregular heart beat and may require defibrillation.

3 - Krokorok - New Virus! Sandstorm Fever, patient has internal bleeding in throat causing suffocation. There are also tumoral growths around the effected area and the patient requires mouth to mouth resuscitation every couple of minutes.

4 - Cubchoo - Frostburn Fever, patient requires treatment due to internal freezing and external burns. The patient has a burst Ice Sustainability organ and requires a transplant.

5 - Heatmor - New Strain! Frostburn Fever, patient is suffering from internal burns and external freezing. The patient will need treatment to lungs and stomach as well as removal of Ice structures which have developed on their arms.

6 - Jellicent - Patient is suffering from Telekinetic Fever and Swamp Fever, the patient is fluxuating between reality and requires treatment of the brain. The Patient is also suffering from lacerations on all arms and legs and will require some tissue replacement.

7 - Swanna - Draconic Fever, the patient appears to have Draconic fever affecting their Eyes, Beak and Feet and also has parasites injecting the patient with poison on its back. Both causes require treatment and the patient is also suffering from fits of rage.

8 - Hydreigon - Both strains of Frostburn Fever, both strains of Storm Fever and Draconic Fever, the patient is suffering from a complete molecular breakdown. The Patient's left Wings are suffering from Frostburn Fever's Ice Strain and have externally frozen with internal burning requiring treatment by removal of ice structures, the patient's right wings are suffering Frostburn Fever's Fire Strain and has internal freezing and external burns and will require transplant tissue. The patient's left head is suffering from Storm Fever's Electrical strain and is having panic attacks, there are glass shards lodged in its cranium and requires treatment of the nerve center located on the brain. The Patient's Right head is suffering from Storm Fever's Darkness strain and is blind requiring treatment of the eyes, this head has also suffered external hemorrhaging and will require treatment for that as well. The Patient's is also suffering from Draconic Fever's Dragon strain causing fits of rage from the main head and requires treatment on their Neck, Lungs and Tail, there are tumors which have developed on the lungs of origin unknown.

Chapter 9: Risen

1 - Gurdurr - Broken Arm with Bone Fragments stuck in Blood Vessels. Patient also has pieces of metal jutted inside of its legs which need to be treated and removed. Patient is also prone to muscle spasms.

2 - Sandslash - New Virus! Terra Fever causing infection and growths on underside. Patient also has several spines which need to be removed due to being broken. The Infection must be treated internally at the source (Stomach) and growths must be treated at epicenter of growth.

3 - Darmanitan - Broken Fingers which patient has an issue keeping straight. Patient is also suffering from Frostburn Fever with Internal Burns on Lungs which require treatment and tissue replacement. External Freezing around Skull will require careful removal to prevent brain, visual or speech damage/impediment.

4 - Magnezone - New Strain! Terra Fever causing decay of internal structure. Must be treated quickly due to quick replication. Patient is also suffering from self-electrocution and will occasionally have Electricity run through the affected area.

5 - Camerupt - Frosburn Fever, internal Burns of mouth, patient has a tendency to bite (although easily noticeable). External Freezing of Volcanic Development on Back needs to be treated and have patient's temperature regulated.

6 - Scolipede - Severe case of Spore Fever, spread in both Lungs requires treatment. Also mysterious bacteria found in Horn, unknown method of treatment although removal is possible. Patient also has two broken legs which need to be treated. The Patient may also attempt to attack the player out of aggression, so watch tail spikes for potential attacks.

7 - Steelix - Hybrid Fever (Terra Fever, Both Strains), Patient is suffering from internal decay of 2nd and 5th body segments causing immense pain in patient. Patient also has fragments of metal stuck in between its head and body. The patient also has growths on its Spikes on its 4th Body Segment, this needs to be treated externally while infection needs to be treated at core of Body Segment.

8 - Terrakion - Terra Fever & Mutated Pokerus, Patient is suffering from Muscle Spasms and has a Broken Leg. The Patient is unconscious and has a weakened heart. Patient may require defibrillation. The patient also has internal infection on lungs from Terra Fever and Mutated Pokerus as a result. The Mutated Pokerus is causing Organ Failure in various parts of the body and needs to be monitored for potential appearances.

Chapter 10: The High Path

1 - Klang - Terra Fever, Patient has internal decay within larger gear gyro. Must be treated. Patient also has bent gear jaws on smaller jaws which need to be re-aligned.

2 - Haxorus - Draconic Fever, Patient is extremely agressive and may attempt to cut and slash. Treatment of the Nerve Center is required to lower the fits and then continue treatment into the lungs as suspected core of virus found.

3 - Lucario - Patient has Broken Arms and suffering from infection within the lungs requires investigation. Pokemon is also suffering from Terra Fever, patient has internal decay in Hand Spikes which requires attention.

4 - Vanilluxe - Patient suffering from Frostburn Fever, patient has external burns on lower ice structures and has internal freezing of the central brain which requires treatment. The patient also External Cooling Source Machine to regulate Pokemon while performing Brain operation.

5 - Tyranitar & Metagross - Double Operation, Tyranitar is suffering from Terra Fever and requires treatment for the lungs due to the virus. The patient also has a broken Arm and requires careful re-alignment as the bones are directly connected shoulder spikes. The Metagross is suffering from Telekinetic Fever causing Brain Spasms which have caused muscle spasms causing two appendages to break. Brain requires treatment and appendages require treatment. It is suspected that Metagross may also be suffering from Terra Fever and internal decay is occuring in one of the broken appendages.

6 - Kyurem - Patient suffering from Draconic Fever and Frostburn Fever. The Patient requires treatment of external burns to legs and internal freezing of arms. The patient is also suffering from fits of rage and may freeze tools in place for a few seconds, the patient requires treatment of the Brain for Draconic Fever. The patient has also broken one of their wings and requires re-alignment.

7 - Reshiram & Zekrom - Both patients suffering from Draconic Fever causing fits of rage which require treatment within the brain as well as treatment to Fire Pouch in Reshiram and Shock Pouch in Zekrom from fits of rage causing both to burst. Reshiram is suffering from Frostburn Fever and has external freezing on arms and internal burns around the mouth which require treatment. Zekrom is suffering from Storm Fever which requires treatment of Nerve Center as patient is suffering from Self-Electrocution, the patient also has a broken wing which requires fixing.

Player moves to Kalos branch of Meganius

Chapter 11: The Big Spread

1 - Gogoat - Patient suffering from Swamp Fever, leaves on back suffering from degeneration. The patient also has a broken leg and several lacerations on its underside causing major external bleeding. The patient has several small machines lodged in its hooves that must be removed as well.

2 - Aurorus - Patient is suffering from Frostburn Fever and has external burns along its sail as well as internal freezing encasing its Biological Sustainability Organ and burns and lacerations on its Ice Sustainability Organ. The patient's sail indicates if it is going to accidentally attack and if electrocuted the player will be unable to use the tool they were using for a few seconds.

3 - Flygon - Patient suffering from Sandstorm Fever and Draconic Fever, patient is having Brain Spasms, causing temporary shutdown of the heart, indications show that it is from the left temporal lobe. In addition patient has tumor growths within their windpipe with various hemorrhages in the same infected area. Patient additionally appears to have had both primary flight wings snapped out of place requiring re-adjustment. Further analysis shows that the patient also has minor Sandstorm Fever infections in the elbow joints of the arms which have caused internal hemorrhaging and tumoral growths.

4 - Feebas - Patient suffering from Swamp Fever, causing major lacerations across most of the body, additionally internal infections caused by the disease have caused the patient to dehydrate requiring that they are kept in an underwater environment, meaning that the operation will need to be handled differently.

5 - Garchomp - Patient is suffering from Terra Fever causing decay of arm wings, in addition the patient has had blunt force trauma to the skull, requiring reshaping and removal of bone fragments from the eye. The patient is liable to lash out, so proceed with cuation.

6 - Seviper - Patient has recently clashed with a gang of Zangoose, the patient is severely injured with broken bones, fractured teeth, lacerations and a twisted tail. The patient requires major surgery and has high blood loss, the patient appears to have a combination of bone and claw fragments lodged in various lacerations across the body. Additionally Internal hemorrhaging has lead to pressure being built up against the back of the skull causing the patient to black out.

7 - Chesnaught, Delphox & Greninja - New Virus! Starter Virus, each victim is suffering from a different strain of the starter virus, which must each be handled with extreme caution. Chesnaught's instance of the virus has caused it to have internal bone decay which must be treated, as well as several growths found within its lungs which are causing difficulty with breathing, the Pokemon also appears to have broken its arm due to falling from some force. Delphox has several internal organs badly burnt while its Fire Pouch has a large colony of the virus growing within it. In addition Delphox seems to be undergoing some sort of mental attack which is causing it to attempt to move the operating equipment. Finally, Greninja appears to be suffocating from a burst Water Pouch, upon closer inspection it appears that in addition to the burst pouch, there are multiple growths, primarily in the stomach that are causing the suffocation.

Chapter 12: An Ancient Discovery

1 - Bastiodon - New Virus! Fossil Fever, this ancient virus is supposedly contracted only by Fossil Pokemon, it appears to have no effect on modern Pokemon. Regardless, the infection appears to latch itself onto the patients ocular nerves and forms colonies causing blindness, the surgery must be incredibly precise due to a Bastiodon's dangerous outbursts.

2 - Lileep - The patient also has Fossil Fever, it is anticipated that the location where this Pokemon and the previous Fossil Pokemon were recovered from is infested with the virus. The patients appears to have infected growths on its sensory organs (the tendrils), and has caused the creature to have trouble keeping balance. In addition the patient appears to have small glass shards in its upper body which need to be removed and treated.

3 - Wartortle - The patient has Starter Virus, the Water Pouch has not burst, however is swollen and infected, the water within has spread to other organs increasing the infection and must be treated in several areas. It is causing the patient to have internal hemorrhaging as well as poor digestive flow.

4 - Diggersby - New Virus! Mighty Virus, the patient appears to be suffering from another new virus, this one targets has targetted the patients arms and legs and is causing mass, muscular decay, there are multiple infections within the muscles that must be treated, in a defensive maneuver the Pokemon's nervous system shutdown, however this has left the Pokemon at risk of its heart failing.

5 - Luvdisc - Patient is suffering from Swamp Fever, major lacerations across a large amount of the body, additionally the patient is blind and will need ocular surgery to re-attach the nerves. The patient may also thrash about so ensure no medical tools are in contact with the Luvdisc when this happens.

6 - Arbok - Patient is suffering from Spore Fever, treat the patient's lungs and ensure that the spores are completely removed, additional spores have also been found in the Toxic Pouch which have caused inflamed tumors to develop which will need treatment.

7 - Tyrantrum - The patient has multiple viruses; Draconic Fever & Ancient Fever, patient has been blinded by the Ancient Fever causing them to act even more vicious than usual, so be cautious when operating of potential thrashing. The patient's thrashing is also amplified by the Draconic Fever and has broken is jaw which requires re-adjustment, Draconic Fever is also located in the eye.


Operation Locations

(Red means area affected, Green means mutated Pokerus, Red coloured Circle means Pokemon Fever)

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